Why is the EU parlament not speaking German? I don't wanna learn English to understand them. Everybody should be forced to learn German!

They are just making vacations. No one wants to annex anything! One Island more or less is not a big deal!

Ok google, please toot something funny for me

for the first time in a while i found an anime where the dub is much better than the sub

Below 1000 unread emails. That's a new record for me;)

Falls jemand noch ein Ticket für das event '8 Jahre aufnahme+wiedergabe' morgen im Arena Club in Berlin sucht.Ich kann aus gesundheitlichen Gründen leider nicht teilnehmen. Für den Early Bird-VVK-Preis ist es Deins.

People often ask me "Do you really compile everything from source?"

I always answer "Yeah sure compiling from binary wouldnt make much sense!"

Linkt mich doch mal zu euren besten Rezepten für vegane Waffeln :)

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