can someone recommend a FOSS desktop client for mastodon not using Electron an not being commandline based?

@Khaosgrille there was this... Tootie? I guess you mean GUI and not TUI/Emacs

@charlag everything is fine as long as it plays gifs and videos, with svix and mpv if necessary^^

@charlag i think u mean tootle. mhh there are some gentoo overlays for it. i think ill try it. i looked over it yet and i think it is not quite up to date

mhh since i try to get rid of firefox and anbox is not minimalistic enough i decided to use a web interface in surf. surf is so small it basicly uses no resources at all. ( i am using gentoo and i am constantly trying to get rid of stuff i dont use including dependencies)

@Khaosgrille this might be a real stretch, but you could give + a try, or maybe .

@Khaosgrille There is, which is also in debian (buster).

Not sure if I can *recommend* it, as I tend to just use firefox.
@Khaosgrille and after I've hit "send" I re-read the name of the original poster and realized that maybe it doesn't qualify: I don't think it's available for anything that is not linux at the moment.

Tootle is not working currently under gentoo or nixos, I made a bug report. I decided to use surf with a webclient

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