Which Operating System do u use?

@Khaosgrille I like it how every other os is at the same level as vista in your poll :blobcat:
@Khaosgrille openbsd, alpine, haiku, and ubuntu

- i use openbsd on servers and desktops
- i use alpine on my laptop (much better battery than obsd)
- i use haiku on a liveusb, havent got around to installing it proper yet but it is my favourite os hands down
- ubuntu if im feeling lazy, i have lubuntu on my main machine right now

i also use windows on other machines (eg school) but dont enjoy myself

occasionally gentoo but thats normally just to flex, although i did get super good battery on it when i put it on my laptop

@Khaosgrille Not just OpenBSD (I also use Fedora, FreeBSD, and Slackware), but that one garnered my vote the most. 😁

@nullcollision pls tell me u installed gentoo on a tablet and not just use ssh

@Khaosgrille just ssh; had to move to an another room due to heat lol

PC1: fedora / win 10( but I always boot on fedora)
PC2: Ubuntu studio /win10 (but also boot most if the time on Linux) (and I don't recommand Ubuntu studio)
PC3: win7 for some steam game only, but as most game from my library are under Linux... x)
PC4, the oldest one under a fresh manjaro KDE install, which became my new favourite linux xD
So.... 99% Linux and 1% windows xD

@Khaosgrille Ooohh look at me fancy with my customized Ubuntu.
*uses XUbuntu and changed the theme*

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