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Ok, time for a proper :

I'm Kiki (pronoun: they, in German please avoid pronouns), a PhD student in Usable . Besides , my big hobby are indie from the DACH region (I blog in German on My at Hannover has somewhat decreased in the last years,, but I'm still involved in the annual geekend.

I'm very , somewhat non-mono and my feminism is always intersectional. Nice to meet you!

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Since I've been encouraged to feature only small accounts with <100 followers this week, this week's is:

@kamiten !

If you like or just like cute pet pics, he's your squirrel!

Did about ten phone calls within the past 2 hours. Yay me!

Bonus: das Set, mit dem damals alles angefangen hat! Weil ich keinen Plan von P&P hatte aber super neugierig war, habe ich damals so lange Keywords auf eBay eingetippt, bis was rauskam das sich nach Einsteiger anhörte. Ich glaube das basiert noch auf Version 2 (aktuell ist 5, die Bücher aus dem letzten toot gehören zu 4.1).

Nachtrag zu gestern (cc @julia @Anke): meine Sammlung.

Ganz links die ausgedruckten Basisregeln (war bei Drakensang als pdf dabei).

Rote Bücher ohne "R" sind quasi das Grundregelwerk, zusammen mit dem Zauberbuch ganz rechts.

Waffen, Kreaturen und Pflanzen, Spielleiter-Tipps mit Rollenspiel-Theorie und Zufallstabellen (Wetter!)

Sex und Dungeons.

Geografie mit einigen Regionalbänden.


Here's the extras I got which I didn't even ordered, but they're great!

- a hard enamel pin
- shiny golden bookmark
- a "making of" booklet disguised as a church pamphlet! Great idea 😄

Just wanted to point out again that this is progress the most beautiful I ever held in my hands and that the entire project is self-published. This might be the future of European (or at least DACH) comic.

Thank you @eli and @Viv!

My package with the by @eli and @Viv I backed earlier this year arrived! It's super heavy and the book is GORGEOUS. If you don't know the comic yet, you can read it online on Sparkler Monthly! The story is heavily influenced by Christian cult and "mythology".

Anyways, it's a big black heavy book with gold edge! I'm a sucker for book edges and totally in love with this one!

"Welcome to Magic School. Here is your schedule."
"Thanks! But..."
"This is just 'Ethics' and 'Human rights' and things like that."
"Correct, that's the first year curriculum."
"Do we have to learn all this?"
"Of course! What do you think this is, software engineering?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Angulate tortoise. The first one's a male, and older/bigger (about 20cm) - they're more peanut-shaped. The last three are female. Rounder, and this one was about 12cm long, so younger and more vibrantly coloured. ^.^


mastodon users are either fans of latex or fans of LaTeX

Hey everyone, my Airbnb has cancelled for my stay in Leipzig from the 26th-30th for the #ccc #35c3

Does anyone have any leads on anywhere to stay for an extremely poor hacker?

Boosts appreciated :_earth: :psyduck: :ancomheart: :_gayheart2:

ich bin ja nun schon eine Weile in linken Zusammenhängen unterwegs... was ich aber bis heute nicht mal im Ansatz verstehe: Woher die Kleidungs-Marken-Normen kommen. Warum wurde in den letzten Jahren auf einmal New Balanced getragen? Wo kam das her?

On my way home! But it will take about four hours until I'll *actually* be home. Yay for long-distance commuting.

It’s okay to not understand your identity, but just have doubts.

It’s okay to decide to talk to just a few trusted friends, or no friends at all.

It’s okay to decide not to advertise who you are.

It’s okay to know but not want to try to explain it to everyone.

It’s okay to be totally excited about finding yourself and only share it with a tight inner circle.

The only person you owe complete openness and honesty to is yourself.


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*werbetoot* Ich hab ein Info-Plakat für unsere kollektiv-Bäckerei gemalt und mein Handlettering ist echt verbesserungswürdig.. aber so als 1. Entwurf gehts.. (link =
#zerowaste #plastikfrei

lizard time lizard time lizard time lizard time

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