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Ok, time for a proper :

I'm Kiki (pronoun: they, in German please avoid pronouns), a PhD student in Usable . Besides , my big hobby are indie from the DACH region (I blog in German on My at Hannover has somewhat decreased in the last years,, but I'm still involved in the annual geekend.

I'm very , somewhat non-mono and my feminism is always intersectional. Nice to meet you!

Everytime I'm super into a hobby, I also master the art of winging it at the same time. Was like this with (my hidden talent is playing great off the sheet (?)), and now I'm experiencing it with my group. We're probably gonna start a new adventure today and I haven't read more than the synopsis so far (and that was back then when I bought it).


Heute ist day und meine Vorbereitung als SL besteht aus 10 Minuten Überlegungen zur globalen Entwicklung und dann gleich noch hoffentlich ein bisschen einlesen in das nächste Abenteuer, während die anderen das gemeinsame Frühstück zubereiten.

Hi all! I'm a trans woman and PhD student in linguistics at Stanford working on a project about voice feminization, one that I think might make a big splash. If you have feminized your voice, I would love to speak with you about the possibility of participating! You can reach me here or at Thanks!

OMG! My 11yo found a toad? Frog? I not sure. I thought it was dead at first. It seems WAY too cold for her to be just sitting in the grass at a park in Utah right now...

Any amphibian experts out there? Should I do anything to help her?

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Liebste Follower da draußen.
Es ist mal wieder so weit, ich hätte eine Arbeit zum Thema Anomalieerkennung via maschinellem Lernen in IT-Netzen zum Korrekturlesen abzugeben.
Mag Jemand da draußen ~75 Seiten Lesen und mir Feedback dazu geben?
Das wäre ganz wundervoll <3

♲ Hey there social media hosting people and developers working on any of the #Fediverse systems!

Is there anyone of you at the Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig this year right after Christmas? Is there anyone interested to have a meeting there?

Just some exchange, we would need some people to moderate the event, but basically some meetup to exchange information and get to know other players in the field.
"Someone" could then register a "talk" or "meetup" for the upcoming congress, I'd say a duration of about 1.5 to 2 hours and maybe 60+ people can be expected, assuming there is many #webmasters or #developers among the visitors at the #35C3.

Any #devs and #webmaster of the following systems, or any that I might have missed that are using #ActivityPup and can communicate with the others, please comment here if you like the idea!
#Friendica #Diaspora #red #Hubzilla #GnuSocial #StatusNet #Mastodon #Pleroma #Socialhome #Ganggo

Let me know if you have any questions.

#35c3 #fediverse #federation

Cum-Ex and Cum-Cum, despite the hilarious name, is making me so angry. I *like* paying taxes bc I want to be a member of a social and inclusive society. And these absolute assholes taking money that literally EVERYONE else needs more than them, I want to shit in their faces.

~ Searching through the Rare Books collection in the university library ~

Librarian: Can I help you? Are you looking for something?

Me: Yeah, so there has to be like a cursed amulet or something that I can use to trap Alexa, Siri and Cortana in forever, right?

Librarian: Haha (waits for other patron to leave) follow me

How do I get more enmeshed in the world of Mastodon? I need to influence and be influenced by more folks!

Follower power: wohnt von Euch jemand in Oldenburg?

So if you want any of these 6 books, message me, and I’ll send it to you.

If you’re not a white cis man, I’ll even pay for postage. 😊

These are all still applicable, except maybe Swift Programming, which is for Swift 2 (the current one is swift 4)

I have a bunch of technical books on my shelf that I’m already finished with. Computer Books become worthless after a while, so I should really pass these on before that happens.

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"So, um," the knight said, "aren't you going to invite me in to see your hoard?"
"Ah..." the dragon said. "I don't think it... is for you."
"Nonsense, I love seeing hoards. What are you hoarding?"
The dragon cleared its throat. "Knights."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Wow, the rich™️ are systematically robbing tax money from states with semi-legal activities. Today, the journalistic investigation around those trades was revealed.

Recommendable :

(There are also links to regional/national news coverage, ctrl+f for "Latest Publications")

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