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wir suchen für ein radiostück & eine ausstellung (beides arbeiten für die uni) kurze anonyme statements zu erfahrungen mit alltagsdiskriminierung in deutschland. optimal wären sprachaufnahmen, aber gerne auch schriftlich, wir würden das einsprechen lassen. deutsch oder englisch. für das radiostück werden die statements dann mit ausschitten aus landtagsdebatten gegengeschnitten (die statements an sich werden nicht verändert). wenn ihr da lust drauf habt, schickt mir gerne eine dm!

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Some year ago I saw a site where you could insert the measurements of your body parts (forearms, thighs, etc) and it calculated the proportions of the bike for you

proportions different from the ones indicated could give you problems such as forearms tingling and more

forearms tingling is exactly what i experience on my bike

how do I find that site again

also, is that knowledge contained in that site only ?

Can I get there without that site ?


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The Wulver is a wearwolf like creature from Scotland. It was said to have the body of a man and the head of a wolf.
Unlike werewolves it was reportedly quite a caring creature and would leave fresh fish on the window ledge of poor people to ensure they had enough to eat.

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📢 A general reminder for Star Trek fans on Ten Forward and on the fediverse 📢

Star Trek: Picard has just aired its first episode and this is your reminder to make sure to use CWs while discussing those episodes as a courtesy to those of us who haven't watched them yet.

Example CW text: Star Trek: Picard S1E1.

Thank you for your co-operation.


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Letzte Woche in Landau... (Hat mir gerade der Mitbewohner geschickt. Ich hab nicht schlecht gestaunt.)

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Btw. wir suchen einen Fullstack-Entwickler (JavaScript) und auch einen Webdesigner in Berlin. Falls da jemand hier gerade Bedarf hat, pingt mich gern an. 😉

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Important polar bear update: the baby in the Hannover Zoo is learning to walk!

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So, two more dice bags! The right one was actually way out of my comfort zone sometimes, but I think I did a decent job regardless. ✨ I love the left one so much tho, I think I want to make at least one for myself ☺️
#MastoArt #DnD #knitting #FibreArts

I'm not so happy about the weak contrast between mint and ice blue tbh. 38 rows for the blanket body to go!

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Does anyone here use secure #scuttlebutt? I heard about it at the p2panda talk at #36c3 and now I want to try it.

Hello German/European bubble, here's a PSA:

The German store is getting rid of their Drops stuff, so there's 30% off everything from Drops until supplies last. Happy shopping!

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i am considering opening up as a space for people who are interested in the intersections of math, programming, philosophy, art, etc but are sick of the condescending techbro attitudes that permeate these disciplines. my only reservation is that i'm not sure if i want the responsibility of managing a community, even if it's small. anyway just trying to gauge interest and figure shit out so sound off if you would be interested in this

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Eine bekannte von mir sucht aktuell dringend eine queerfreundliche WG oder Wohnung in Darmstadt (eventuell Frankfurt / Mainz). Budget ist 500€ warm.

Person hat es schwer, daher ❤️

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Okay, another bad one.

Fighter: It's hard raising a family while being an adventurer.

Necromancer: Not if they are buried near each other.

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It was just too funny not to share.

Warrior: I swear I will have revenge for the death of my brother.

Elf: You have my bow.

Dwarf: And my axe.

Necromancer: And your brother.

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ok so, if ever you place a houseplant ANYWHERE in your dnd world, be aware that it could at any moment become a major NPC due to the existence of the Speak With Plants spell

Yesterday I learned that the Germanic tribe of the Suebes invented the man bun.

CN photos of bog bodies:

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