Hey people of Mastodon, do you know any adventures or campaigns based on particular ? Like a concept album turned into a campaign? Game system doesn't matter, I'm just looking for inspiration. Boosts much appreciated!

@Kiki @tobi No, but there's a game called Ribbon Drive that might interest you: it is a great indie game in which you make up a (road trip) story on the spot, based on the music playing (every player has to prepare a "mixtape" for the game with some kind of theme).

@Kiki Not the same, but close. There's the excellent game #RibbonDrive, where you improvise the contents of play based on mix-tapes (playlists) players prepare beforehand.

@Kiki The Indie Mixtape project made a bunch of small games based on individual songs.

My contribution, based on a song by They Might Be Giants, got expanded into a slightly larger game here:

@nickwedig Wow cool! Thank you very much for these links!

@Kiki I used to do that a lot, but I unfortunately didn't take notes :/

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