Monetization concepts are 🤬. pretalx is a cool product, and I want it to be affordable for small confs, but also have income via the larger/well-funded events, and there is just no metric for this. # of submissions/talks/days/rooms are horrible measures. If you have any ideas …

@Kiki This is an information that is usually only available once the event starts ;)


@rixx not sure. The speaker/keynote budget is part of initial cost calculation, but it would require disclosure and/or honesty in communication which is something that I cannot judge from my position.

@Kiki Yes, but requesting quotes for software prices is also initial cost calculation. Also, my conferences (as many community conferences) typically have no paid speakers, only support for travel. What to do with those? And a budget is not the same as paid money – you might have an emergency budget for a speaker requesting payment. etc

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