I need a super silent mechanical keyboard. Is there such a thing?

The most quiet mechanical keyboard I ever had or used. No one at the office complained.

@Kiki there are mx silent switches although I don't know how silent they are

@Kiki It "sounds" like a keyboard with damped switches could be up your street!

@Kiki I'm super happy with my Matias Quiet Pro ( they have audio files for the different kinds of switches, and there's also tenkeyless and bluetooth versions

@Kiki i think you need keyboard with switches that have no click and are not tactile, and have dampeners. Maybe they can still be tactile, I'm not sure if that influences the sound.

@Kiki how silent are we talking?
you are definitely looking for a linear switch if you want a mechanical keyboard to be silent. look into adding o-rings if stock keyboard is too loud. switch preferences is a really personal thing, so if you have the possibility, try getting hold of a switch testing set or try keyboards at a store.

sometimes, the keyboard itself can be quite silent but the surface you use it on might act as an amplifier. on a normal desk, the simplest way to fix that is to place it on a large soft mouse pad to absorb the impact between keyboard and desk. another solution is to get some of the rubber dampening pads used when installing washing machines and put them beneath the legs of your desk.

@Kiki There are the "silent" MX-style switches which a few others have mentioned already. Topre switches tend to be on the quieter side also.

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