Update: it's a Eurasian Sparrowhawk! I just got another look at it and could confirm @Konfusius 's guess. Thanks everyone!

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*wet blocking aggressively*

I'm seven needles short. Seven! Maybe I have some in my sewing kit, will search for that now

Images hidden because of lots of needles and holes (it's a lace pattern)

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FINALLY! It is done!! Now into the water with it, so I can block it later.

This is what I saw when I just went in the kitchen. They're planning to escape!

I planted those buddies on the weekend and the radishes are already so busy sprouting! On the left are five "bullhorn" bell pepper seeds. These ten friends will be my balcony project for this year, although I don't enjoy either radishes or bell peppers that much... No idea what hit me, I guess I just like these plants aesthetically.

Hello friends, if you're looking for super cute and bright , tape, or , I can recommend you this wonderful EU-based shop which just opened:


Currently 10% off with code LETSGO

Link to original announcement on Twitter: twitter.com/paraplyene/status/

Got a new in the mail today! It's called Magun, by the German author and illustrator Leander Taubner

Past kiki brought present kiki some joy with this appointment title. (It's a reminder to check my mushroom grow box)

Food, Halloween 

Say hello to my army of darkness.

I was very fortunate to capture a magical moment of twilight today

Covid, Food 

Corona might take away my birthday party, but it will never take away my birthday cake!

I was on vacation last week! We had a lakeside cabin but the lake was kinda dry due to dam construction work.

Yesterday was a good selfie day. Today is a good day to post it.

(No eye contact)

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