@WeWereSeeds @xenophora Woah, this totally reminds me of Schwitters and Dadaism, very great!

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A smol shoutout to @xenophora and her smol collages. She hands these out from a couple metal tins that hold easily a hundred of these pieces. I have a couple cards, that I use as bookmarks.
She specializes in digital collages and snarky political posts.

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I need to create a fedi profile for my mycology club. what's a good, stable instance for that sorta thing? 🍄

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My favorite sex shop posted a job ad for a developer. They are an amazing group of people, and it's for 2-10 hours/month. Have a look :)


This is the current site

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@vicorva I just did a not-so-easy phone call and it went good, so thank you for that blessing! ✨ I hope your day will be successful, too!

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Hey if you're thinking of building one of those microphone jammer things that has been making the rounds recently, please consider that it can fuck heavily with hearing aids/cochlear implants/ppl who have the ability to hear in the frequency range they use

@Juju YAAAAY, congrats! You look gorgeous and YOUR HAIR IS GREAT, don't play yourself down!

-timeline: Wir ziehen um und deshalb wird spätestens ab 1.5. eine schöne Dachgeschoss- in der List frei! Ca. 113qm, Badewanne, riesiger Balkon, Parkett und auch sonst sehr schick und hell. Weitere Infos gerne per DM.

@Garrison did you change the room temperature/heating? Or did you move the printer? Anything that could cause leveling issues (including interaction with pets)?

mental health/physical health (-) 

mental health/physical health (-) 

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80s attack!
That era is my mothership, so something like this here was bound to happen. In heavy appreciation of Duran Duran's John Taylor.

#80s #fanart #art #MastoArt #duranduran

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I'm looking for an online game which you can play by solving little programming riddles.

I still remember in one of the earlier missions you have to fix your parachute to open up.

I just can't find it anymore, but... I'm sure one of you people out there knows what I'm talking about and got a link for me 😄

@0x11de784a would listen to andaybe even offer contribution!


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