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PSA: If you reply to something I wrote with mansplaining, it's a recipe to get blocked real quick.

It's always okay to ask if I need more information about a topic. Dumping some video with "Servicetoot" which basically says the same as I did is not.

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I never wrote an introductory post so I'll do that now.

Hi, I'm Felicia, I'm 42 and I'm an IT specialist by profession. In my spare time I tinker with electronics and build 3D printers, and I'm a very active supporter on the Voron 3D printer discord.

I'm queer, mostly lesbian and pansexual, cuddly, kinky, geeky/nerdy and I meow lots. I'm in love with my wonderful girlfriend 💜 but my heart is poly by design.

queer judgement 

By the way, I didn't follow the further competition stages. My brain was not able to grasp what had happened and why I felt the way I felt. It was kind of surreal, but I couldn't put my finger on it until much later.

Someone already spoke up regarding exactly this but it was downplayed by the organizers with counter-arguments, and I'm very much not comfortable approaching them.

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queer judgement 

That's not what I call inclusive. I felt left out, because I didn't want to compete. I didn't want to be judged.

If that is your message on opening day, then I don't think I'm comfortable with going there again.

If you just let people walk the floor, let them show themselves, without judgement and without competition, THAT would have been the proper message appropriate for an inclusive safe space for queer people no matter what.

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queer judgement 

But then they split the group into "if you identify more male, go there, if female go there and uhm for nonbinary go in the middle". I think that's where my brain went WHAT but it took me until now to realize what happened.

Basically they had a competition where you have to compete to be you - who has the better face, who has the better skills. And someone judges over you.

And to be able to judge they even needed to divide the group for "fairness reasons".

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queer judgement 

So today they had an opening ceremony of "Queeres Zentrum Mannheim", a place where queer people should find a safe space.

In hindsight, they completely messed up the opening ceremony. They had a "competition" which started out by judging the "faces", which was then re-phrased to "presentation of your face. People were supposed to walk the floor, presenting themselves and their face. For me as trans fem this left already a bitter taste - I fought years for facial hair removal.

Rarely a day passes by when some user states that their stepper motor/stepper driver/electronics becomes too hot and asking for advice.

Our advice is usually: Use a proper measurement device to measure temperature, your finger is not a suitable measurement device. It'll report OUCH to your brain even as low as 45-50°C and how long you can keep your finger on depends on the thermal conductivity of what you're touching and how wet your finger is.

A bit of printer maintenance today. Or rather: "Let's place the Shelly near the outside of the case because surprise: Aluminium Dibond probably shields WiFi reception of the Shelly 1PM"

Welp...plan was good. Reality shows only a marginal improvement. Open electronics bay: -68dBm, closed: -75dBm (was -76dBm).

Interesting problem. I got a Shelly 1PM with Tasmota firmware flashed and 2 APs (different vendors) configured.

Once in a while it looses connection to the currently connected AP and won't connect to either of the 2 APs anymore. I see repeated WPA2 handshakes but no packets get through, then the shelly disconnects and reboots. This goes on until I power cycle it, it then connects immediately on the first try. Firmware was Tasmota 9.x, upgrade to 12.x didn't work either.


That male urge to comment stuff just for the sake of commenting stuff. I just don't get it.

My block finger is ready.

Well, the heat waves will not only increase your energy costs of appliances like air conditioning, but also of appliances you don't immediately think of.

For example here's a graph of our kitchen fridge, which has almost 50% increased consumption when it had 32°C in our kitchen instead of the 25°C one week earlier. And the worst if it all: The fridge didn't reach it's target temperature, so the compressor never shut off.

Reminder: Need to attach googly eyes to the cooling box.

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Our medication cooling solution is up and running again (3rd year in a row, I'm always scared that projects just stop working after 9 months of storage)!

It's a SEVERIN KB 2922 peltier-based cooling box I had left over. I hacked a Wemos Mini D1 with SHT22 temperature sensor into it, which measures temperature and enables the cooling when the temperature rises above 25°C.

If something goes wrong we receive a messenger notification.

When you are stuck on Grafana v8.0.6 because in v8.1.0 they made a change to concurrent web requests which in turn causes the Vodafone ConnectBox to reset -.-


Man finally understands that he's been mansplaining for 30 years after being told that women have professional experience being mansplained

"I never realized I did", he told our reporter this morning. "And every time I was told I didn't believe it because it always came from women. I didn't knew that it was my behavior which is called mansplaining, not because my gender had anything to do with it"

Flag arrived and installed. It was almost plug'n'play erm rope'n'hooks

The rules of our Discord server said: "Items listed for sale in excess of their MSRP could be considered as not, "being excellent," to your fellow community members. "

And then someone tries to sell Raspberry Pi 4s for 150$ each.

Why again should I click on any video saying "We need to talk"?

That sentence has an extremely negative sub-tone to it and is usually used when people want to criticize me and wanting me to not say a single word.

MS Flight Simulator 2022 Dragon Edition* **

* includes fully destroyable cities by flame or toxic breath
** LGBTIQA+ people and friends are automatically excluded from destruction


The mansplaining situation would be less bad if people following the conversation would step in.

But it's totally accepted that mansplaining is happening. And as soon as we speak up, it's played down. Every. Single. Time.


Pro tip: If some non-male person complains about being a victim of mansplaining, it's *maybe* a good idea to keep your mouth shut and not tell them it wasn't mansplaining.

Because then you're mansplaining as well.

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