If you receive an email regarding "Poll: Galia Mancheva and Susanne Eiswirt support letter", DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINK!

The "voting site" these links refer to is fishy at best, uses a let's encrypt certificate and uses an unique ID even if you just want to view the results. It's not clear if this is a legit site.

It appears that the emails were scraped from the RMS open letter (

Please boost!

I also received another mail regarding the same site ( Poll: Holocaust Memorial today, Debian defending Nazis, Say No ). WTF.

@Kuschelkatze Got the same 2 e-mails, to the address that is visible in the commits of the open-letter repo.

@Kuschelkatze Yup, just received these emails as well. Well, time to feed my spam filter with them.

@Kuschelkatze Upon checking the voting site itself, it seems to be legit, but mainly used for in-university stuff rather than votes for people outside of the uni.

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