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was great as always! Many thanks @WEareTROOPERS@twitter.com & @pri@priyachalakkal@twitter.come you next year!

Learning about AML at TelcoSecDay of @WEareTROOPERS@twitter.com for locating phones in emergency calls, the "successor in spirit" of RRLP and SUPL a decade ago. Quite interesting that modern iOS + Android phones are sending SMS with your location when you make emergency calls

here at the TelcoSecDay of @WEareTROOPERS@twitter.com I'm learning that in 2019, SS7 firewall/IDS products use a ten year old kernel (2.6.32) and are vulnerable to IP fragmentation bypass which are at least 20 years old. Is that the state of cellular security, OMFG!

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We haven’t been accepted by @Google@twitter.com in this year’s @gsoc@twitter.com . But we are organizing the RSoC (Radare Summer of Code) following the same rules as GSoC, but having @NowSecureMobile@twitter.com and @keen_lab@twitter.com as sponsors to cover students/mentors costs. For more information rada.re/rsoc

AFAIK, for analog RF over fiber there's the various RFoG (RF over Glass) products primarily used in hybrid fiber/copper "cable TV" networks, fiber optical LNBs and cellular antenna distribution systems. None of them use SFP form-factor :/
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@LaF0rge @oshpark Neat design, I was not aware of it before! I was hoping to find/modify SFPs for linear response, to possibly transfer multiple RF signals via the same fiber (s…

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Did you ever want to play with SFP transceivers from your own projects? We now made available the Osmocom sfp-breakout and sfp-experimenter boards in the sysmocom shop: shop.sysmocom.de/t/development osmocom.org/projects/misc-hard osmocom.org/projects/misc-hard

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Jonas from Scania takes the stage to talk about their use of OpenChain to do great open source compliance.

It's so depressing that people in 2018 can still be *that* clueless about FOSS. When 2019 is the 30th anniversary of the GPL...
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"but we didn't modify the code!". NO! NO! NO! That is not relevant for the GPL AT ALL!

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Our little eNB on the Marvell stand at MWC, next to Facebook's TIP design. Something to be of...

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Until Open Source developers are fairly compensated, we will continue to have a diversity problem in Open Source. And as a reminder, hiring Open Source developers and paying them to *use* open source isn't helping. We need maintainers! twitter.com/gr2m/status/110449

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Beim @DARC_D23@twitter.com Praxistermin des -Lehrgang in Berlin geht es heute um Antennenbau. Die 18 Teilnehmenden feilen in der Werkstatt an Yagi-Elementen oder lauschen im Besprechungsraum Erklärungen zu Baluns. Und die fünf Kids basteln an micro:bits.

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Agree with everything Ben says about this article. It is critical we get people paid to maintain projects, and paying them to use a project is not the same as paying people to maintain it! twitter.com/bhilburn/status/11

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@hackerkidx@twitter.com @natfriedman@twitter.com @jamesg_oca@twitter.com I rely on so many things that are open source where the maintainers/creators have given up on due to lack of funds when they could have probably created million $$ startups outta them! Have a lot of respect to these folks 🙂

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Zivilgesellschaftliche Organisationen sind ein wichtiger Bestandteil unserer – das Gemeinnützigkeitsrecht muss gestärkt, statt untergraben werden! @HannesJaenicke@twitter.com duh.de/aktuell/nachrichten/akt

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Leider keine Lösung:
"Die behördliche Auflage, beim Stadtfest zwei Ordner mit Warnwesten an den Bahnübergang zu stellen, wurde in vollem Umfang erfüllt!"
-- plus.google.com/+BrunoKassel/p

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Unbelievable. The Cryptographer’s Panel at @RSAConference@twitter.com 2019 is missing Adi Shamir (the “S” in RSA), who was unable to secure a US visa.

Adi in a video to : “Perhaps it's time we rethink the question of how and where we organize our major scientific conference."

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Last chance to stop from fucking the Internet sideways.

👎 Yes it will affect everyone

💪 Yes we do have to constantly fight to keep the Internet free and open

EU citizens, take action here
👉 pledge2019.eu/en

Get more info here
👉 saveyourinternet.eu/

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