"Warenpost im internationalen Blusenlegeformat". Was sich die Post wieder alles einfallen laesst. Und sogar Google bringt nur 5 hits im ganzen Netz dazu. Ein Geheimtipp!

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After two full days of meetings doing some coding is very relaxing.

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SDF's Seattle DC back in 2012 .. we will decommission the last of the SuperMicro very soon. Each 1U now features a server 4 to 6 times the speed/storage of the in these pictures. @netbsd@twitter.com

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Our post SVR4 set up in 1998 with 1.5mbit SDSL and ISDN / POTS dialup NFSed hosts sdf-1 and sdf-2 (later renamed otaku) on a UPS @netbsd@twitter.com

This is what we'll use to implement test suites for the USB stack in firmwares of new USB devices at Osmocom and sysmocom.

working on USB test port for Eclipse TITAN, allowing the development of protocol tests for USB devices from within TTCN-3: git.osmocom.org/titan.TestPort eclipse.org/forums/index.php/t

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@LaF0rge@twitter.com Hmmm... let me see what I can do. I might be able to do that in-house for you now I can finally make a build and test the Inter-BSC handover...

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we've had to temporarily close the sysmocom webshop shop.sysmocom.de/ due to @DeutschePostDHL@twitter.com completely changing their rules and regulations, tariff models, label sizes, APIs and virtually anything related to shipping internationally on January 1st, 2019 :(

At , we're looking for 2G/3G core network traces of Inter-MSC handover. We could use the traces to validate our ongoing implementation: lists.osmocom.org/pipermail/op

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The Republic of China, operates exactly like all other democracies around the world. As the democratically elected president of this country, my most important responsibility is to defend our democratic values & way of life. My English remarks: english.president.gov.tw/News/

It's ten years since the deDECTed.org hack[s], and still nobody has implemented a wireshark dissector for the higher DECT protocol layers like NWK or DLC :(

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An US soldier replied to Xi's New Year speech to Taiwan,
"Good luck with that. During my 05-09 deployment in Okinawa, that was our entire purpose for being there. We don't care about Korea. We're there to protect Taiwan."

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I regret to see former Pres. Ma Ying-jeou & the KMT criticised Pres. Tsai @iingwen@twitter.com for standing up for democratic values & defending 's sovereignty. What's even more regrettable is to see senior members of our own party publicly denounced Pres. Tsai in this difficult time.

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Please don't throw ad money down the throat of youtube.
When you recommend 35c3 recordings to your friends, share them on media.ccc.de.
Its fast and even more feature-rich than yt!
Again thanks to @c3voc !

was ist denn in diesem land eigentlich kaputt, dass man an einem nicht-Feiertag in der Hauptstadt um kurz vor 17h nicht mal mehr einen offenen Supermarkt findet?

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Ideograph (same as 吻)
»the lip, the tone of one's speech, to kiss; a kiss«

Wie passend.

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Ein klein wenig haben wir den Atari ins Packet Radio Netz beim rein hängen können. Aber die Pegel waren nicht abgeglichen uns so gab es viel Packet Loss. Danke für die gute, olle Technik @wrf42!

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»Wenn alleine @netzpolitik@twitter.com und oder @fragdenstaat@twitter.com mehr klagen als der gesamte öffentlich-rechtliche Rundfunk in Deutschland, dann läuft da in Deutschland auf jeden Fall was verkehrt« werde ich den @arnesemsrott im ersten nach dem zitieren.

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@andreasdotorg@twitter.com 👀

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