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Holy shit, you can create a disk which is ext2 and FAT at the same time

Thanks to Supreeth Herle for this excellent guide on how to make your Android phone use your own VoLTE/IMS network: osmocom.org/projects/cellular- - ideal for use with (former ) by @acetcom@twitter.com and @kamailio@twitter.com - see github.com/herlesupreeth/Kamai

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@LaF0rge@twitter.com Wow. This is quite a trip back memory lane. Really enjoyed my Rokr E2. Also created my first app on that platform using reverse engineered header files and linking to native libs. It was a big journey just to get it compile and link properly.

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So sehen hier übrigens Steckdosen in meinem Zimmer aus. Nein, nicht zuhause - im Krankenhaus. In . Im .

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TIL: Bundeswehr Uniform ist besser als Bahncard 100, man darf damit selbst BC100 Leute von den Bahn Comfort Plätzen verscheuchen lassen... (ohne Sitzplatz von ICE 516 gesendet)

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Massive Placebo fan though

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localhost:9000 is a perfectly acceptable Web browsing port for Firefox 🤦‍♀️

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There are almost 40 units within reach. Based on the binary code limitation there’s only 16 possible code options. So everyone in this building controls the main light and fan of at least one other person; maybe more.

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I can confirm the Chunghua Telecom Satellite Dishes pictured on the front of the 2000 NT bill are on the south side of Yangmingshan National Park. Couldn’t quite get the exact angle as depicted on the bill, but close enough.

Uploading historic git repositories of to github.com/OpenEZX - in case anyone ever will want to do retrocomputing on ancient smartphones. - now I just need to think about where to put up old website, etc.

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@lynxislazus@twitter.com @LaF0rge@twitter.com lists.osmocom.org/pipermail/os

5.5-rc6 breaks compatibility with the USB descriptors of FL2K USB3-VGA adapters and hence also osmo-fl2k :( lists.osmocom.org/pipermail/os - seems like devices with known-broken descriptors ('altsetting has duplicae endpoint') can no longer be used.

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@sastast@twitter.com @vieuxrenard@twitter.com Ihre Verwirrung ist aber symptomatisch für das Verfahren überhaupt. Es ist ein Fehler parallel 2 Änderungen am laufen zu haben! Und die Evaluierung fehlt auch.

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Here I am with the Maharaja and the Maharani.

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My third presentation at was about the Unix wars and how strong free software licenses encourage cooperation and collaboration in building systems. twitter.com/nextdayvideo/statu

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For my French frineds, and possibly eu friends. twitter.com/TCharlesClancy/sta

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