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HA. Sie wachsen also doch auf Bäumen!

Remote Radio Heads zum Selberpflücken.

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I wrote an article for the German c't magazine about a topic again, this time about the US conference @SharkFest_2019@twitter.com. It's in German for obvious reasons 😏😁

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Jummah Mubarak to every Muslim across the galaxy. I’m finally in San Diego for !

, portrayed by @levarburton@twitter.com was born in Mogadishu, Somalia? I guess “will be born” is more accurate since that won’t happen until 2335.

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Testing the collapsible Inmarsat umbrella dish with POTY feed and 3D printed mount via . Nice experiment.

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One of the crown jewels is called the "Pointless Sword of Mercy" because it's missing the tip.

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Journalists at China Times and CTiTV (in ) told the FT that their editorial managers take instructions directly from the Taiwan Affairs Office, the government unit handling issues. via @KathrinHille@twitter.com and the @FinancialTimes@twitter.com ft.com/content/036b609a-a768-1

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Hier der ganze Redebeitrag.

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Deutschland: bei der Jobsuche brauchst du Diplome, Zertifikate, Zeugnisse und beglaubigte Nachweise, dass du deinen Kaffee umrühren kannst.

Auch Deutschland: Ministerposten für jegliches Ressort werden unabhängig von der persönlichen Eignung vergeben.

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Amazon is listening to your kids and visitors, warns German parliament report netzpolitik.org/2019/amazon-is

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…and I had no clue I'd end up working with so many talented, clever, and generous people. twitter.com/todayininfosec/sta

Its really surprising how many bugs in both proprietary and open source ASN.1 implementations one finds when using them with 3GPP specified specs and their ASN.1 syntax :/

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Current @GalileoGNSS@twitter.com positioning service availability should be 77% over 30 days, allowing a week downtime. Timing services availability is only 94 hours downtime. After this is breached at UTC 22:36 tonight, Galileo might be officially in trouble.

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Unuseable GALILEO updated its status from "USE AT OWN RISK" to "SERVICE OUTAGE. THE SIGNALS ARE NOT TO BE USED" gsc-europa.eu/system-status/Co
After three days downtime there is no information on what happened or (more importantly) ballpark expected downtime. Hours? Weeks? Only rumours.

wtf? @github@twitter.com doesn't appear to permit attacing pcap files to issues? How are people ever using this for developing any type of networking related software? It claims to permit ZIP files, but then rejects a zip'ed pcap file, too? Much worse than expected

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„...emphasize the value of simplicity and elegance, for complexity has a way of compounding difficulties and as we have seen, creating mistakes. My definition of elegance is the achievement of a given functionality with a minimum of mechanism and a maximum of clarity.“ twitter.com/cynicalsecurity/st

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A Ukrainian group has been broadcasting signals on a Russian military frequency, sending them signals that show up as the coat of arms and also a drawing of a dick 😂. Top tier war trolling.

(Source: Monitoring on PF Discord)

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