Uploading historic git repositories of to - in case anyone ever will want to do retrocomputing on ancient smartphones. - now I just need to think about where to put up old website, etc.

@LaF0rge Any thoughts on whether we should keep the platform in the mainline kernel or for how long?

Would you expect it to still work?

@arnd I don't think it makes sense to keep supported in mainline, particularly not if it adds maintenance overhead. There were a limited number of users to begin with, and I don't think there's any interest beyond potential (which could use an old kernel)

@LaF0rge Ok, good to know. I'll add a patch to remove these when I revisit my larger mach-pxa cleanup then.

With the older platforms it's sometimes really hard to know if they see so few updates because they work fine, or because the last user stopped sending patches before it actually became usable.

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