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@LaF0rge@twitter.com The FOSS landscape appears radically changed. While the GNU GPL and the GNU project focused on collaboration the age of Github creates incentive to be the hero (collect "stars").

One ends up implementing the easy bits for marginal gains to be a hero. WDUT?


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Interesting theory. I guess I dont have an opinion on it as I still pretty much live in the pre-github GPL world that you describe. The stars to me are more like bookmarks to find a project again later, wouldn't expect people to care mich about them ;)

@LaF0rge Same for me. I have some projects that have received stars, but I honestly don't know how many. Am I supposed to care?

Perhaps you start caring once the number gets high. I'm pretty sure that my projects are in the single digit range.

@LaF0rge Odd. That take doesn't really gel with my experience of what the "meaning" of stars is intended to be. I've only ever encountered it as an indicator of the health of the project with actual users (as opposed to development activity); I don't think I've seen evidence that people in general view it as something to be gamed....

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