Ist das lang her. Damals, als es .north.de und das IN noch gab und so, die bösen alten Zeiten halt:)
Von dem Modem hab ich hier noch zwei rumliegen, kann ja sein, dass mensch nochmal über Klingeldraht ne Standleitung basteln muss.

@LaF0rge Zwar ohne Ton, aber trotzdem... ;)
Ich polle mein #Fidonet mit meinem #Amiga 3000 von meinem Linux PC statt per TCP/IP direkt vom Server in der Colocation... :)

Woah, le flash-back vers mes "années BBS" ! J'ai toujours mon USR Courier, mais saurais-je encore m'en servir ? :-)

@LaF0rge Cool, I never had US Robotics USR courier, but I had an upgraded Zyxel Modem, it was like Xmas when it was deliverd 😊 The good old FidoNet days...

@LaF0rge tried to resurrect my old ISDN PBX, but it became even more retro… to smoke signals (after 5 Minutes or running) 🔥😱

@LaF0rge Hell, man; I didn't even know any providers still offered dial-up.

God only knows the way my wife is hogging the DSL pipe to binge-watch "The West Wing", it sure feels like 28.8 up here in the studio.

@LaF0rge Wow, been a long time since I heard THAT crazy noise.

Is it even POSSIBLE to buy a 56k modem anymore? I don't even think my provider offers dialup anymore. I think they finally stopped about 10 years ago.

@flugennock @LaF0rge Is it possible to buy it _new_? Unlikely. Buying it used isn't a problem at all.
It's also quite easy to setup a DIY dial-up ISP with a single line, if you need it for historical reenactment or something. All you need is a Linux or BSD box with pppd and a serial port.

@LaF0rge US Robotics 33.6 I had two on my BBS :-D That's 26 years old.

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