Soeben erreicht mich die Nachricht, dass mein ehemaliger Chef und guter Freund Jörg Schilling heute Mittag an den Folgen einer Krebserkrankung gestorben ist. Er hat mit den cdrtools, star, und vielen anderen Projekte geschrieben, die viele Menschen tagtäglich benutzen. (1/2)


For the wider English-language audience: Jörg Schilling, the author of cdrtools (open source CD/DVD writing), later involved in and standardization within has just passed away yesterday. He will be missed!

Some background on how Joerg Schilling got to create cdrtools can be read in this archived article:

@LaF0rge I wonder where he got such a sane CDWriter at that time; my memory is of one - in the summer of 92 I think - that connected to the back of a CDi emulation system via phonoleads, and that system connected to the back of a Sparcstation (ELC?) as SCSI. I can't remember how the actual writing worked, but I remember writing scripts to drive image creation.

Oh, I rember him back in times when we all have been on the Usenet.
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