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Erinnert mich an Ingress Plannungen @KarinSuckow@twitter.com twitter.com/erzaehlmirnix/stat

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Interesting discussion on LinkedIn about the number of 3.5GHz 5G antennas in a public toilet in Seoul Station. Is the same about to happen everywhere, especially in dense areas? - linkedin.com/posts/sandfeld_ju HT @kssangha@twitter.com

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this is the *original LM168 breadboard* which was used by the IC designer to develop the circuit! the metal cans are what's called "process kit parts" which are matched pair transistors from the same IC process. basically a physical equivalent of a PDK SPICE model.

Finaly picked up all equipment for LTE network at and enroute to the site! @c3moc

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Today's Hong Kong solidarity rally outside Taipei 101

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Müssen dann alle Soldat*innen auch bitte 4395€ als geldwerten Vorteil versteuern wie die Bäckereiverkäuferin, die kostenlos Brötchen mitnehmen darf? twitter.com/zuckerbastard/stat

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Auf dem Weg zum ? Achtet auf die Kennzeichen-Scanner auf der Autobahn A11, Höhe Prenden. Die @PolizeiBB@twitter.com fotografiert dort alle Autos und speichert alle Kennzeichen in ihrer Datenbank. Jeden Tag kommen 55.000 neue hinzu, gelöscht wurde bisher nie. netzpolitik.org/2019/kennzeich

Reading 3GPP LTE specs on a tablet attached to your own LTE network rocks. preparations

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Today in 1995: Internet services were launched in India by Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited. The rate chart

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Staatstrojaner im Schachtelsatz: Mit komplizierten Gesetzen, die kaum jemand verstehen kann, greift Innenminister Horst Seehofer in die Grundrechte ein - und will die Computer von Bürgern und Journalisten durchsuchen lassen. sz.de/1.4564648

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@BMI_Bund@twitter.com soll künftig IT-Unternehmen per Verordnung zwingen können, beim Aufspielen von () auf Handys, Computer oder andere Geräte mitzuhelfen.

FOSS cellular projects are converging. After CFSB support in both and some months ago, I now have just successfully performed the first Authentication + UpdateLocation from 4G RAN to our 2G/3G OsmoHLR!

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@N10_SoJu3@twitter.com @GregDavill@twitter.com I'm still heavily working on the gateware and software stack, not sure when campaign will start, I'm hoping before year's end. And yes, of course all PCB design files, gateware and firmware source code will be public before the campaign start.

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I received a prototype @iCEpick_dev@twitter.com

Some nice hardware in a neat package as a USB to [UART/SPI/JTAG...etc] device.

It's based around the iCE40UP5K using an embedded USB core in the FPGA fabric.

The custom engraving is a nice touch! :D

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This poem by Rabindranath Tagore was my father's favourite. It is among the original Bengali collection of 156/157 poems that was published on August 14, 1910. The book was called "Gitanjali", and thats where I get my name from

writing Erlang code again (a first after at least 5 years of a break) is fun, but god does the syntax make the code look ugly. But well, I can adjust my aesthetic standards and live with it.

hacking up a DIAMETER to GSUP translator (osmocom.org/issues/2604) so we can have a shared subscriber database for 2G, 3G and 4G networks at the upcoming

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"Sanity - is madness put to good use." This is RAIO - redundant array of inexpensive oscillators. All 100 of them peer-to-peer injection-locked in an attempt to reduce their total phase noise by 20dB. Earlier atrtempt - twitter.com/LeoBodnar/status/1

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I've just tagged, signed and published @gnuradio@twitter.com; a little celebration is in order.
This includes six years of progressive development by more than 200 contributors.

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