He was calling for death of the Central Park 5 even after they were acquitted and released.

He spent years calling Obama a Kenyan Muslim planted by the Muslim brotherhood.

He launched his campaign saying Mexico was sending it’s rapists and drug dealers.

He got elected on the promise of implementing a total and complete ban on Muslims.


He asked Russia to hack into his opponent’s emails and amplified the Wikileaks dumps of the resulting hacks.

He mocked a gold star family and a disabled journalist.

He started his term lying about crowd sizes in front of a wall honoring fallen CIA agents.

He reversed an Obama executive order and made it easier for mentally unwell people to buy guns.

He separated children, some still breast fed, from their families and deported the families while moving the kids to internment camps all over the country. Some of those kids will never be reunited with their families.

He called the neo-Nazis at Charlottesville good people.

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