Covid, parents, politics (bitter) 

We're in quarantine. There was a covid-19 case in the little one's kindergarten class. Since the British variant spread, this has become common.
I hope we don't get it. We've been so, so careful all this time. It sucks we are still not eligible for vaccination. We are not in a risk group for health reasons, but we can't lock our little one away, politicians *forget* to take care about them. They are too little to distance.
Politics keeps forgetting us. 😑

Covid, parents, politics (bitter) /2 "Systemrelevanz" 

I mean, how is parenting NOT Systemrelevant?! How!


Covid, parents, politics (bitter) /2 "Systemrelevanz" 

@TQ Parents are the major caregivers in both directions, to the elderly and the youngest. If our kids get it, we are going to get it too. It baffles me how we are left out.

Covid, parents, politics (bitter) /2 "Systemrelevanz" 

@LangerJan Yes.

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