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Ob das #FusionFestival stattfinden darf, entscheidet sich in wenigen Tagen. Nun zeigen interne Papiere: Die Polizei bereitet sich seit Monaten auf eine Konfrontation vor. Recherche von und mir: #fusionbleibt


A Single Component Can Brick Older Teslas and Tesla Won’t Fix It
A piece of the data storage hardware can only store so much data before it kills the car.

Securing satellites: The new space race

A decade ago, it would have cost you a billion dollars to deploy a satellite into space. Fast forward ten years and you can now have your own personal satellite floating in orbit for around $50,000. 3D printed Rocket Labs, SpaceX and others have revolutionized and industrialized the Space Race.

Warum ist mir das entgangen?

Anlässlich der heutigen Abstimmung über das sächsische Polizeigesetz
hat unser Sachbearbeiter für Sicherheit und Heimatliebe allen Landtagsabgeordneten der CDU – Die Sächsische Union eine Entscheidungshilfe in für sie verständlicher Form gefaxt:
Das Grundgesetz in einfacher Sprache.

Hate jemand zufällig Kontakt zu Die Partei Dresden? Ich hätte gerne deren Plakat mit ihren Kandidaten.

Hm... Könnte da jemand tatsächlich beim Voynich-Maniskript weitergekommen sein?

The Language and Writing System of MS408 (Voynich) Explained

A Bizarre Form of Water May Exist All Over the Universe

The x-rays revealed that the water inside the shock wave didn’t become a superheated liquid or gas. Paradoxically—but just as physicists squinting at screens in an adjacent room had expected—the atoms froze solid, forming crystalline ice.

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RT @Sustainable2050
How often have you heard the argument that driving a car kills birds used against driving cars?
Then you should hear the argument of bird deaths used against wind turbines about 700 times less.

New Class of CPU Flaws Affect Almost Every Intel Processor Since 2011

Academic researchers today disclosed details of the newest class of speculative execution side-channel vulnerabilities in Intel processors that impacts all modern chips, including the chips used in Apple devices.

IMHO Claude Shannon is way too much in the shadows of Alan Turing or Nicola Tesla in the nerd subculture...

How Information Got Re-Invented
The story behind the birth of the information age.

Unhackable: New chip stops attacks before they start

ANN ARBOR—A new computer processor architecture developed at the University of Michigan could usher in a future where computers proactively defend against threats, rendering the current electronic security model of bugs and patches obsolete.

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Du weißt, dass Microsoft einen echt hässlichen Bug gefunden hat, wenn der heutige Patch auch für #WindowsXP frei verfügbar ist…

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It occurred to me that you can remotely monitor the cursor location without JS by using some CSS :hover selectors to change hidden background images (causing a GET request).

This should work on Tor as well and could be an interesting approach to tracking visitors.


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