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Save the date!

Wie es aussieht wird es auch dieses Jahr wieder ein kleines im geben. 😍

Voraussichtlicher Termin 1. - 4. September 2022

The 1960s was wild and never was music that fat again. Perfect start in the weekend.

The music is Quincy Jones - Soul Bossa Nova

Who ever mentions Austin Powers -> OUT!

Behind the scenes of #2001 by Stanley Kubrick. His vision of a portable computer in 1968. Unfortunately it didn't make it into the movie. He decided to use tablets instead.

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If you can’t take the heat, get in The Cave. Seriously, the air con is glorious!
This weekend you can get hands-on with the VecFever and see a Vectrex do things you never thought possible.
Book now at
See you there!
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Ok, I now have permission to talk about this project in full and in public. I'm working with Alan Kay to build six replicas* of a Xerox PARC Alto display for use in a museum exhibit**. Visitors will see a real Alto and then walk over to one of the replicas to futz with Smalltalk '78***.
Here's a nice writeup of a different project that rejuvenated an actual Alto.

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- Digitalisierung verkackt
- Solarstrombranche zerstört
- Windenergieausbau sabotiert
- Fossil-Abhängigkeit gefördert
- Verkehrswende verhindert
- Rechtsextremismus wachsen lassen
Oder wie die ehemalige Selfie-Beauftragte der Merkel-Regierung es nennt: "16 verdammt gute Jahre"!

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Carl Sagan testified before Congress in 1985 on climate change. Can you imagine if they had listened to him?

#ClimateAction #ClimateCrisis


The Dirty Carbon Secret Behind Solid State Memory Drives

Solid state drives use far less power than hard disc drives. But a new study unexpectedly reveals that their lifetime carbon footprint is much higher than their hard disc cousins, raising difficult questions for the computer industry

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Wie? Du hast noch keine Karte für unser kleines, gemütliches Camp im vogtländischem September? Dann aber nichts wie ran an den Ticketshop und auf ein paar schöne Tage am Stausee #Pöhl.

There is no camp – We stick together!

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Sample for the difference between "open source documentation" and "free documentation": documentation under is probably open source but you are not allowed to change it. With you can read the source and use and change it.

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@LittleAlex @mwfc *sigh* sweet memories
Check out @haiku if not already done. Keeping the ideas alive. :-)

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reading that thread to the end: You're basically screwed unless you manage to make a significant splash on social media.

So exercising your rights is about to become a popularity contest? Bright future.

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You know all those roombas that used 3D laser scanners to map your rooms to better vacuum?

Well they belong to Amazon now.

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All this years working in IT and I just learned I am using the wrong tools. 😐

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