Image descriptions:
Image 1 has an image of a woman in a loose blue dress, apparently standing in a field of tall grass stalks, looking absently into the distance and stroking some of the grass stems. The background is blurred and there is a mild bloom effect, making it look dreamy and balmy.
Image two shows apparently the same woman, taken from further away and a different angle, without effects applied. She is actually standing on an area of untidy scrubland by a riverside sandwiched between industrial or neglected-residential areas, the ground is compressed by footfall and there is litter surrounding her. Without the filters the weather looks cool or unremarkable.

@LittleAlex Isn't that then, how every digital identity works, with us desperately trying to show a certain representation of ourselves to people whose opinion we're interested in? 😉

@LittleAlex voir la beauté du monde même quand, de prime abord, c'est moche.

On peut aussi parler du marketing, de la com' en general...
Si ici c'est que pour donner du beau a voir, d'autres ont d'autres objectifs...
L'éternel débat autours de l'outil et de son usage...

@LittleAlex I deleted mine in 2016. I bet it;s got a lot worse.

Summarizes the importance of perspective and lighting for a good photo.

@LittleAlex lool they are shrubs along probably a sewage run..

@LittleAlex Mit diesem Mittel arbeiten auch Natur- und Tierdokumentarfilmer. Es gibt darüber auch einen Film, in dem die Dokumentarfilmer über ihre Arbeit erzählen. Den Titel/Link weiß ich allerdings nicht.
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