@LittleAlex 🤣

Complexity of the second system sounds like running an image flasher in a web browser disguised as a "native app"…

But… of it's wasn't over-engineered and too big and clumsy, that's almost good software engineering. Cylindrical and longer handle is more ergonomic/less painful if you have you to force on it because of shitty bottle…

@devnull @LittleAlex and the image flasher doesn't run on Linux even though the device it is flashing runs Linux

@be Indeed, it runs on google chromium, not on GNU/Linux/BSD/whatever distro


@LittleAlex Yeah, but look at that amazing use of a framework. That's true software engineering.


Now I'm trying to imagine what a bona fide computer engineer would come up with

Probably something that just makes the bottle feel that the lid shouldn't be there anymore

@LittleAlex honestly I'm not sure that this is a good example because the over-complicated method actually looks kinda fun :blobthinkingeyes:

@LittleAlex My new software is amazing... you just have to first install Node.JS [at which point I close that tab as I have flashbacks of "first you have to install PHP".]

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