With Apple no longer a viable stopgap as a mainstream platform that protects your privacy, what choices do we have?

Are the free/open alternatives ready or are we asking folks to make tradeoffs between security and privacy (can you have privacy without security? Not really. Although security doesn’t imply privacy either). And what about the FOSS elephant in the room: accessibility?

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@M4x @aral That might work for you, but what about those billions of other people that first of all have no idea what a linux is?

@M4x Awesome. Unless you’re blind.

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That’s just one (very important) example why it’s not “an easy one.”

Others: lack of upgrades in latest elementary OS 6 (with amazing swipe gestures) means any laptop sold with it becomes a security hole for everyday folks the moment updates stop, 2FA lock-in on banking apps, other tech + regulatory issues. If anything, not “an easy one“ and definitely not done.

@aral Point taken regarding blind people - they should be taken into account of course. But that's not what you've written in your initial post "mainstream platform which respects your privacy".

@M4x Right. Mainstream as in accessible by everyone regardless of ability, technical knowledge, etc. And without having to make security compromises (e.g., unlocked bootloaders, spoofed signatures, etc.) Folks like Purism and GrapheneOS are making good progress as are the elementary OS folks but there’s a long road still and a couple of very fundamental things that need to be fixed (and perhaps, more importantly, some foundational cultural shifts in terms of what’s deemed important).

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