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OH: *hach*
Alte Fotos?
Alte Browsertabs!

Erkenntnis des Tages: Wir müssen den Schuhspanner erden.

OH: Wir compilieren gerade Software um die $Person zu konvertieren.

Current status: Snapshot ALL the filesystems!

My report for last week. (CalendarWeek 28)

I chose zxfer(8) as my tool of choice to learn more about.

I wasn't as successfuly as I wanted to be. I did learn a lot about the tool and realized, that I need to learn more about ZFS to fully make use of zxfer(8).

As a result, I'm chosing ZFS (The Zettabyte FileSystem) as my “tool” for calendar week 29. I'll simply use the argument that zfs(8) is a tool (which it is) and it's used to configure ZFS (the filesystem).

I don't understand the use-case/idea behind Pixelfed.

Please excuse my oversimplified attempt at an analogy:

Mastodon is similar to Twitter. Short text postings, and a limited amount of pictures, videos to be embedded in the post and arbitrary links up to the character count. I get that.

Is Pixelfed similar to Instagram? Is Instagram very similar to Twitter only you must always post a picture?

Am I missing something totally obvious? A vast misunderstanding, or overlook on my side?

Dear operators!

I've got this (cheap-ish, but not bad) magnetic car antenna. (Nagoya 2m/70cm/23cm) The magnet is neodymium and quite strong as you'd expect, which is great.
In fact, it's so strong, that the antenna foot will break off and the magnet sticks to the car when trying to remove from the car.

Any best-practice tips on how to keep that magnet securely fastened to the antenna? The magnet is 28mm in diameter and 4.7mm thick.

Plastic base _seems_ to be ABS.

#73 de OE1JZC

Current status: I'm now mostly able to count from 0 to 10 in . Trying to learn .

Dear and folks: What is everyone using for snapshot management/creation/grandparenting and replication?

There's so many tools out there and most seem to be dormant for years, many packages/ports are outdated (on FreeBSD) or nonexistant (macOS). (No surprise for the latter.)

Are you all rolling your own ugly shell scripts around zfs(8) (and ssh(1))?

Current status: Reflexive Ortspräpositionen

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I've been using the #CryptPad collaborative online #editor with end-to-end encryption (and getting a lot of friends to use it) so much that I'm considering setting up an instance on a server.

@cryptpad is now fundraising for some awesome milestones:

- Spreadsheets and Office-like docs by integrating
- Commenting
- Shared Drives
- #Federation for pads with cross-instance commenting and messaging!
- Offline editing
- Suggested edits

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Liberapay is in trouble, here's our blog post that explains the situation and what you should do if you're one of our 2000 active users:

Some people asked about my efforts in learning more about (1).
Yes, I now have published my ~/.tmux.conf file.

Caveat emptor: It's made for the current tmux(1) 2.7. It works fine with nested sessions the way _I_ like it and works on macOS and FreeBSD. (Haven't tested any other OS since I don't use anything else where this comes into play.) is prominently missing. I'll add one when I find the time.

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OH: Komm in die tmux(1) session, Schatz!

Current status: foo is not a valid property!