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Und heute nochmal insgesamt 12h auf den Kram im Verein drauf geworfen. Langsam wirds was…

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Die Podcast Miniserie "DSGVO - an sich ganz easy" ist fertig! Alle Episoden online unter oder im Podcatcher Deines Vertrauens! :)

OH: Es gibt nur *einen* fünften Socken.

OH: Der MacLemon darf auch nix anfassen! nice(1) ist auch Software, laß das!

Things I buy that only @luto will understand.

OH: …und wenn das nicht geht, dann mußt Du den Lichtschalter neustarten.

Next up: More Mailman 3 fun ahead. Let's see how much self-incompatibility we'll encounter with postorius and hyperkitty.

OH @luto: Ich muß mehr Eulen googlen.

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Imagine a grass roots movement that just ignores DST.

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Interested in PostgreSQL on FreeBSD? Try this OS patch which gives a substantial improvement in number of operations per second. Let us know how that works out for you.

PSA: Mailman is an absurd piece of idiotic user-in-the-face failures.


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A co-organiser at DjangoCon Europe, Sasha, wrote a post about volunteer burnout, how conference organising has changed, and what issues we face as a community:

Working with Sasha has always been a pleasure and I understand completely where she is coming from. I don't have any answers either.

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🚨 IT Security alert 🚨

Tomorrow, researchers will publish a PGP related vulnerability. Both the researchers and the EFF recommend that we disable PGP in our mail clients, especially automatic decryption, and don't trust PGP email security until the paper has been released and the issues are better understood, as a conservative stopgap measure.

The EFF source and guides on how to disable PGP in three popular clients:

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Looks like there's a problem with GPG and S/MIME. Details are sparse.

Recommendation is to turn off automatic message decryption in any client immediately.

This will be interesting for Ticket Systems, automatically en-/decryption proxy appliances and software projects that use GPG for signing packages. (apt(8) based Linux for example.)

Ihr kennt das ja…

Warum sind da Himbeeren im Tschunk?
Wir haben fast kein Eis mehr.

Fehlende Eiswürfel sollten öfter durch gefrorene Himbeeren ersetzt werden.

Current status: status=bounced (mail for loops back to myself)

Why I hate email part 23429529385.

Somehow I managed to not find why postfix will perfectly fine handle joins and send out Mailman 3 confirmation requests, but fail to properly handle actual subscription confirmations with a loop to it self.

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Was ist das für 1 EasterHegg, vong Artikel her?