Wireguard Rant 

Whoever thought it was a good idea not to log anything in has never had to debug a connection over the internet.

Please keep your “It works for me.” in the drawer.

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Reminder for everyone:

If you join in a conversation that has CWs, please don't strip the CWs when you reply. People added them for reasons.

Thank you.

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I'm not exactly sure what @torproject tried to achieve with the Tor-Browser 11.0 UI. They certainly managed to provide a UX there.

The “Always connect automatically” checkbox doesn't stick across application launches. Clicking the semi-obscured “Connect to Tor” button doesn't actually connect at all.

Let's just hope this does not apply to all platforms that Tor-Browser is released for.

Liebe Gebärdensprache Nutzende: Gibt es ein allgemeines Symbol oder Emoji um ein Video/Event zu kennzeichnen welches mit Gebärdensprache Übersetzung kommt?
Ähnlich wie Landesflaggen oft für gesprochene/geschriebene Sprachen verwendet werden.

Insbesondere etwas was in einem Web-/App wenig Platz verbraucht.
Könnte dieses Symbol auch mit Fähnchen kombiniert werden um die genaue assoziierte Sprache zu kennzeichnen?

Github User:in? Bitte mit diskutieren! github.com/pretalx/pretalx/dis

Dear sign-language users: Is there a common symbol or emoji that a user interface could use to denote that a video or live event does come with a sign-language translation?
Like flags are often used to differentiate spoken or written languages.

Particularly something that is small and suitable for a dense user-interface (web/app).
Would said symbol be suitable to be combined with a flag to show *which* exact kind of sign-language is used?

Github user? Please chime in! github.com/pretalx/pretalx/dis

Food (Korean) 

I managed to create an edible approximation of Korean Sweet Spicy Gochujang Chicken.

Original recipe by Christie.


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There will be live translations by our fabulous translation team! All german talks will be live translated to english and vice versa. You will find the alternative audio stream on the Streaming-Website (stream.privacyweek.at) under the video on the left side.

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Today is Day 1 of PrivacyWeek 2021! Our team is very excited and we are looking forward to open the conference at 4PM! After that, from 5PM, Katharina Nocun will speak about Fake Facts and conspiracy myths. You can find more information in our schedule: fahrplan.privacyweek.at/pw21/s and on the Streaming-Website: stream.privacyweek.at

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Heute ist Tag 1 der PrivacyWeek 2021! Das Team ist sehr aufgeregt und wir freuen uns schon auf das Opening um 16 Uhr! Danach wird ab 17 Uhr Katharina Nocun über Fake Facts und Verschwörungserzählungen sprechen. Weitere Informationen findet ihr in unserem Fahrplan: fahrplan.privacyweek.at/pw21/s sowie hier auf der Streaming-Webseite: stream.privacyweek.at

Over the last few days I procas^Wresearched a many cooking recipes of the “most easy $dish” kind. Some of these looked really nice and I can imagine many being quite tasty when done right.

The amount of kitchen gear and appliances, different spices, and ingredients required though, literally left me with exactly zero that I could actually recreate over the weekend.

I'm neither a seasoned cook nor do I have a well equipped kitchen. What may seem easy to you, is impossible for others.

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Die Infektionszahlen steigen und steigen, aber leider lassen sich noch immer zu wenig Menschen .
Um noch mehr Menschen zu erreichen, auch solche die vielleicht nicht so gut lesen können, gibt es meinen langen Artikel rund um die Impfung jetzt auch zum hören: leah.is/posts/lass-dich-impfen

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Tor verbindet seine IRC-Community mit der Matrix-Plattform. Für regelmäßige Tor-Nutzer bedeutet das, dass du mit der Tor-Community jetzt über eine freundliche App wie z.B. Element chatten kannst.


Tor User Support –> #tor:matrix.org
Tor Development –> #tor-dev:matrix.org
Tor Project –> #tor-project:matrix.org
Tor Relay Operators –> #tor-relays:matrix.org


#Tor #Matrix #Community #Datenschutz #Privatsphäre

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What if you don’t need or have RJ45 Ports but SFP/SFP+ you need to protect from dust and small multilegged creatures?

Then you can print some SFP protectors as well. These are in boring black PLA. Sorry, the screaming pink is gone.

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What to when you have about 2m of neon-pink filament left on a spool? I printed a bunch RJ45 port protector clips.

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