What could go wrong?
Everything. Literally everything!
Are you certain?
Yes, that is a lower bounds estimation.

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Frage an die geneigte Chaos-Bubble:

Kennt hier jemand eine Pleroma Instanz auf der ich einen Testaccount für tootgroup.py unterbringen könnte?

Ich kann natürlich auch einfach irgendwo einen Account registrieren, aber wenn sich hier jemand anbieten möchte würde mich das freuen.

Es geht um Kompatibilitätstest. tootgroup.py funktioniert auch jetzt schon mit Pleroma. Das freut mich, weil ich das bisher nur minimal getestet habe aber das soll jetzt auch endlich geschehen.


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@MacLemon A similarly useful tool is Wireshark's sshdump: You can run the Wireshark GUI locally, pick the SSH capturer, configure host, whether to use sudo there and any prefiltering (with defaults that exclude the SSH wrapped traffic), and off you go.

For the networking people, this may come in handy if you need something mightier than tcpdump(1) on a remote location to have a look at packets.


It's inspired by the well known Wireshark, but for your terminal.

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What are you doing ? Why is that not possible and why does my client application not tell me this before actually trying to post the toot?

Also, why is this hanging then with no other option than to discard the message and start over?
It's a terrible user experience, because if you don't save your carefully crafted image descriptions, they're lost.

The manual describes the “special function” of the hardware product: When the computer is turned on, the eyeball of the camera will move and will stop immediately when the computer is turned off.

Here you can see this special function in action!

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Es gilt mehr gläserner Staat zu leben und weniger gläserne Bürger:innen.

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Schafft das österreichische wirklich im Land des heiligen Amtsgeheimnisses? Wir haben uns den Entwurf für euch angeschaut. c3w.at/posts/2021/informations

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Engine of Maolan (my attempt in digital audio workstation) is able to open session, parse connections, play audio and quit in single or multi threaded mode. I learned so much!


Dear Mac Development/Artwork/Design/UI Bubble:

Is there any “Icon generator” app you'd recommend and why that one?

My use case would be to easily create badged folder icons, so they're visually easier to distinguish from each other.


ist ein mathematisches Paradoxon. Alle Zutaten können in Ganzzahlen gemessen werden. Diese haben aber kein kleinstes gemeinsames Vielfaches.

Es bleibt einfach *immer* irgendwas von irgendeiner Zutat übrig.

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Dresses and skirts with pockets.

Boost if you agree.

@meka Are you, by any chance, involved with running the Four Dots OPNsense mirror server?

Result of a successful restoration. Fully working 1990 Tamiya Manta Ray on the DF-01 chassis. The body was hand painted in original box art silver back then.

I hope I get a chance to drive it outdoors soon. Ideally on an offroad or BMX track in my city.

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More progress on the Manta Ray restoration. I‘ve completely dismantled the front and cleaned all the parts. Gears looked fine but were regreased anyway. Again, replaced all the plastic and brass bushings with proper ball bearings.

I was able to work around the broken chassis standoffs with longer screws and ca-glue. Perfectly fine again. Drive train has a new propeller shaft since the old one was bent from the crash.

Everything went back together flawlessly.

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Working on the restoration of a [Manta Ray (1990)][0] that I got from dear friends.

At first glance it seemed to be in good shape with only the rear diff almost blocking. Upon taking it apart it became obvious that this vehicle hasn‘t been driven a lot. A few battery packs at most I‘d guess. I guess it got stashed away after a rather high jump and a hard crash which resulted in a partly broken chassis.

Yes, I can repair it.


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