The Fediverse is not an Endlager for your Tweets! 

Autoposts from the birdsite are problematic and may even violate your home instance's guidelines.

- short/tracking URLs
- usernames not/existing in both universes or who are different persons cause confusion
- RTs clutter local/federated timelines
- responses aren't read preventing discussion

- no use of
- content warnings (CWs) for peace of mind
- image descriptions for accessibility
- public/unlisted/followers/direct addressing


@MacLemon I understand your points but, for me, it's a great stop gap measure until Mastodon has the needed critical mass.

@ainmosni @MacLemon You could always choose to do it the other way round: Choose Mastodon as the first location for your statuses (due to more features), and then mirror towards Twitter.

@rixx @MacLemon Yeah I'm considering that, just need to get a bit of time to set it up.

@rixx @ainmosni @MacLemon unfortunately the Mastodon->Twitter bridge doesn't work at the moment (or at least it didn't yesterday and the day before). Also there's content still on Twitter that I at least wish others would RT here. Official or expert accounts that won't be here till everyone is, and who have ideas I'd love to discuss.

@rixx @ainmosni @MacLemon but maybe there should just be an instance for that. "All the best from Twitter so we can chat about it here without a troll pile-on the way Twitter was initially"

@spongefile @rixx @MacLemon Of course with Twitter closing off their API more and more, doing that programmatically will become increasingly difficult.

@ainmosni Just dumping tweets here will not help gain that critical mass. (Which the Fediverse at large already has gained IMHO.)

As @rixx suggested, maybe do it the other way round. That would make your content a first-class citizen on the Fediverse and Twitter is still boiling Twitter.

@MacLemon @rixx yeah, the bridge I'm using didn't support that when I enabled that but I'm looking into alternatives.

The Fediverse is not an Endlager for your Tweets! 

thank you!
if i wanted to read that shit i'd still have a birdsite account!

i'm against cross posters too (see above), but auto posters have even less rational grounds for their configurations.

of course, if humans were rational we would not be having this particular agreement.

The Fediverse is not an Endlager for your Tweets! 

@MacLemon I guess I go back to spliting my 'content' between the networks then.

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