Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a Mastodon instance hosted under the fomain where you could follow all the diverse people in Europe working at the EU parliament, the working groups, etc.?
An official source of information and dialogue with citizens.

@phoe @MacLemon I do like the idea, and at one point in time many years ago I got the Polish Ministry of Digitization to have an official (then StatusNet) account:

Of course when Evan fscked it up, it got impossible to get them to commit to another decentralized social network.

Thanks, Evan.

@rysiek @phoe @MacLemon soon we can tag evan in all our historical gripes cause he is updating with #activitypub

@MacLemon I would love to see this instance, governments instances, instances ran by more political parties, but that’s what they all use Twitter for… Using centralized social media by governments is the kind of intervention in market I hate the most…

@MacLemon I admire your optimism. Given the direction the European policy regarding everything CYBER!11!1! is taking I'm relatively convinced that a lot of people in the European parliament wouldn't quite grasp the concept of Mastodon .. 'd be cool nonetheless!

@ari Any sufficiently advanced optimism is indistinguishable from Stockholm syndrome?

@MacLemon very nice idea. We should forward this somehow to some MEPs!

@MacLemon I like this idea, too. Just sent a mail to the Pirates. If anyone would be able to get that initiated, it's certainly them. Some of them are already here: @piratenpartei

Looking forward to Julia's reply.

@MacLemon If you mean a domain where all employees of the EU government can create accounts to hang out and help people, yes, that may be a good idea.

If you mean a domain where all EU people can create accounts to interact with the EU government, no, that's a terrible idea.

@MacLemon can you describe in something like an A4 page how a mastodon instance would support these goals and integrate well with efforts the Parliament is already taking to be in touch with people? Not making any promises but we could try something..

@MacLemon As I wrote, the Pirates are there. Please send @kaerF the feedback they need, so they can push on. Other than @ari I'm of the opinion that hope dies last. There's always hope. And you never know if you can make it unless you try 😇

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