Dear brain: Please slow down having way too many ideas. I don't stand any chance ever implementing a meaningful fracture of them due to lack of
- skills
- know-how
- funds
- time
- partners in crime
- equipment
- sleep
- infinity

@MacLemon my problem is more that I cannot focus on one idea if there's a whole stream of them.

@AzureKingfisher I just keep taking notes of everything so I don't lose them. Even if *I* cannot make them reality, somebody else might.

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Missing in the list: Ability to process arbitrary amounts of Mate/Coffein

@phoenix I've mastered that skill! I also know that sleep is, in no way, a replacement for Mate/Coffee.

That is indeed true! Nothing better than a good portion of sleep

@MacLemon what about sharing your ideas so maybe other people can at least implement some of them?

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