Emails are like postcards unless you encrypt them.

I was one of the recipients of one of these, presumably encrypted to me, postcards.

Sadly I wasn't yet able to decode, let alone decrypt the message. (Invalid armor header, CRC errors)

If you'd like to help anonymously to make GPG at least accept the input message, here's a CryptPad: (No logging, no login required, tor friendly)

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@MacLemon marginally related, from the Deutsches Technikmuseum in Berlin

> Welche nachricht würdest du nur verschlüsselt senden? / What kind of message would you encrypt before sending?

> 0xbft243ky?!m47(tu9/lcjüt15_m$txtk2vSāt8fttlrp_-fw#01Gmr4sufbvp7

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