Is there an #alternative to #Facebook for a closed group that wants to organize meetups, discuss topics and share blog articles now and then? It has to be easy and not self hosted. Any ideas? #FacebookAlternatives

@AzureKingfisher If you don't mind it being closed source, take a look at Discord or Slack. The latter however locks your history after 10k messages unless you pay a subscribtion.

@Kiki but slack is instant messaging /chat groups based on IRC, right?

@AzureKingfisher Not sure if it's actually "based on", but yeah, it feels similar to irc. With the big exception that you always get all messages when you're offline. You need to actively leave the server, and I think that's a big plus.

Also, there's calendar integration and add-ons for polls and stuff and lots of other connectivity.

@Kiki @AzureKingfisher Slack is not based on IRC, but a proprietary commercial solution which recently made headlines for blocking random people and “reasoning” that with racism.

A recommended *secure* messaging platform would be the Matrix network with the Riot reference client.

Nextcloud could add the rest. (files, calendars, decks, etc.)

Both free/libre hosted (nextcloud paid, Matrix gratis) & self-hosted.

@MacLemon there we are at complicated again. I'm talking about people that partly don't know the difference between a web browser and a mail client and are hesitant to creating new accounts. I cannot tell them to create several accounts here and there and everywhere and use different programs to use them. I guess there is no solution and I should stay on Facebook and not try to convince them to quit with me.


@AzureKingfisher If they actually want to improve something, get a hosted Nextcloud Instance and obtain a descent level of privacy and security in return.

If the people are unwilling to learn anything for improving their situation… abandon ship.

I can only outline a very good and usable solution.

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