It's seriously disappointing that it's impossible to read the Foundation's website without getting tracked by Google, CloudFlare, MaxCDN, and KnightLab. It also presents Google CAPTCHAs as denial of service.

From the I'd really expect more respect with regards to website visitor's privacy. All that tracking isn't even remotely mentioned in their privacy policy.

Dear FreeBSD Foundation: Please step up your game in supporting privacy!

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@vermaden If I were aware of a Fediverse handle of the FreeBSD foundation I would have mentioned them. :-)
I rarely use the birdsite anymore, since I prefer the interactions on the fediverse.

If you knew they are not present on here what was the point of your toot? Just shouting out a window? You could have reached out to the foundation directly and provided information in a toot for how other cocnerned users can voice their concerns.

@orbitz You know people sometimes express frustrations they encounter or opinions. You are not required to agree, understand, or comment on them. Likewise, in case you would agree with me factually on that matter, you could have just added the information on how concerned users could reach out to the foundation. If you do know, please add a useful reply providing said information. Thanks!

@MacLemon I always wondered, by the way. What about Google fonts? Are they used for tracking, too?

@SeventhMagpie : Yes.
Everything who is stored on GAFAM+ is a potential tracker. :-/


@Artanux This is bad. :( I need to find a way to host their fonts on my server, then.


@SeventhMagpie It‘s quite simple: You *can* track what is requested from *your* server. So can everybody else.

So anything on your website that is delivered by a 3rd party server can be tracked and (for the most part) also be correlated.

If it is active content, it can also manipulate your website. If you don‘t mandate HTTPS anyone between your visitor and your webserver can manipulate your website.

See Google Fonts helper: google-webfonts-helper.herokua


@SeventhMagpie Get a quick overview and see which 3rd parties stuff is requested from and used to track your visitors:

Likely candidates:

Bootstrap, jQuery, MaxCDN, Google Fonts|Maps|Analytics|APIs|Anything, jsDeliver, Gravatar, Fontawesome, facebook, Twitter, Adobe, Cloudflare, etc.

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