Are there any good web performance analysis tools that take into account http/2 and help with optimizing http/2 push?
Most tools I've seen still give optimization advice that was valid 5 years ago with HTTP/1.1 but is actively harmful in a http/2 setup.

I'm interested in web perf analysis tools in general, so even if you don't know if a particular tool takes into account http/2, please pass links to your favourite tools! (web service, cli, GUI, whatever floats your boat)

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@MacLemon Have you tried Google Lighthouse?

I only did a quick search but there's also an AI-driven (?) web performance tool also by Google...

Hope this helps!

@Averly Thanks for the suggestions. Neither of these give any mentionable insight on http/2 other than “it's in use”.

@Averly Don't worry! Thanks for trying to help. Much appreciated!

@MacLemon I wasn't even aware of any servers really do server push or any accepted best practices about it

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