When and prevent you from watching a government's parliamentary debates. Does that count as interfering with democratic processes?

And no, you don't get a chance to prove to a computer that you're human, this is a hard lock out, disguesed as a CAPTCHA.

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@MacLemon Wow.
You should probably… call your MP or something?
Like… that's a real problem that needs to be brought to the attention of… someone…

No for-profit corporation should run/gatekeep/have a presence on a government website.
That's bloody terrifying.

@kirby The UK Parliament also uses TheoPlayer, has Google Tracking on their website, and distributes Video via a domain called which seems to be part of CEDEXIS and PSICDN. Both tracking companies which *seem* to be US based.

It all sounds so fishy…

What would happen if the UK Gov found out they're running their videostreams over something called Eurovision CDN. *lol*

@Roxxie_Riot It's fully automated, no human involved outside those experiencing the blocking. I don't expect anyone in the IT department of caring for this. It's probably the reason they're using Cloudflare in the first place.
I've seen so many people in IT, Ops, Development, etc. who don't think up to their nose what implications their decisions have. And even if they do, their employer doesn't care, or explicitly instructs them to do so or pink slip.

@MacLemon Wait, since when did any capitalist country have democratic processes?

@MacLemon I happen to know a few real email addresses and pinged someone if they're aware of this. This seems like the sort of line they don't want to cross intentionally.

@sascha I'd even give Parliament IT the benefit of doubt, that they don't even know this is happening.

Cloudflare certainly does, but being the monster in the middle everywhere and for every service is their business model.

Thanks for pinging Cloudflare. I'll keep my expectations low either way. :-)

Can't speak to UK law, but I suspect Google and Cloudflare aren't legally obligated to provide access. It might be different if there was a government request that they were going along with.

@MacLemon Just login to a Google account, disable your Adblocker and enable 3rd Pary Cookies and you’ll get in without a problem. :thinkerguns:

Embrace the tracking! Sharing is caring.

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