Any opinions on ?

I'm looking for an opensource alternative to Pocket which I can host myself.
Ideally that bookmark-archiving solution has an API, Browser extensions to add bookmarks and tags to it and a native iOS client. If there's a native macOS client for it, even better. (A website it NOT a client.)

Please don't suggest Wallabag, I'm already running an instance and it's absolutely unusable for my purposes, the UI is terribly dysfunctional and clients mostly crash.

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@blub Thanks for the suggestion! Nunux Keeper requires to be deployed with Docker and ElasticSearch and a gazillion other deps, lacks an iOS client of any kind.

Can't use this, even if it were good.

@MacLemon I stumbled upon this nice new project: Seems to be python with smal footprint

@david Thanks, graby solves a different problem which can be part of what I need, but it's not what I'm looking for.

@MacLemon I think I'm going to try it - but don't know when.
For me it should be a replacement for Scuttle bookmark management. also tried Wallabag - and also not impressed with it.

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