allows me to augment my IKEA Skådis board without having to buy expensive pegs and also get specialized mounts unavailable otherwise. (It‘s basically IKEA‘s rendition of a peg board.)

This is a simple hook for mounting tape rolls up to 50mm in width.


@MacLemon Like this specialized mount for calipers. Can‘t buy these but you can create them by .
The moiré pattern is a result of the LED light PWM frequency and the shutter of the camera. It‘s not visible on the actual print.

Printed in generic black ABS. Slots into the board just fine and keeps my calipers off the table so I can easily find them.

Another convenient piece is this mount for AA (Mignon) size rechargable batteries. is done in two pieces fir the left and right half which slot onto the board separately.
You insert freshly charged batteries at the top right hand side which has a hole for that. You grab one from the bottom when required.
I put depleted batteries from my devices directly into the charger and into the mount once they‘re recharged.
Simple cycle, and you always know how many fresh ones you got in stock.

If you want to see which parts can bring to your Skådis peg board, have a look at Thingiverse or one of the many other model databases on the internet. You can search many of them with yeggi, a search engine specialised in 3d models for printing, laser cutting, and even modelling and animation.

Here's a meta-search link for Skådis on yeggi.


Cool rechargable battery storage solution. Thank you for posting.


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