There are millions of smartphones produced with high-resolution displays that use very little power. These panels must be dirt cheap.

Yet, I cannot find a portable display that uses such a small panel.

I'd really like to have a portable external monitor, around 5 inches, powered by USB with HDMI + VGA inputs (even HDMI only would be ok).

I'm more than happy with 1280x720 resolution, even 1024x768 would suffice.

Any hints for such a product?

@MacLemon would try to ask the (belgian) hardware hacking people, esp. @maltman23 (@birdsite) has a decent china connection (iirc) where surch things seem to be easier to find.

@Fellmoon I know my ways around AliExpress and couldn't find anything smaller than 10" that's a reasonable resolution.
All of these things sold as “Raspberry Pi Displays” are less than 640px horizontally.

I thought more about direct buying from the manufacturer/Chinese Street market , I was sure you checked the obvious places already, please /cc me, if you find something decent :-)


Buy a Budget android smartphone and use that 😁 You can also get screen of any phone and use it although I don't know how you gonna connect it.

@inditoot You understood my question of “how would one connect that” absolutely correctly.

@MacLemon HDMI-Monitore in diesen Größen werden gerne als KFZ-Zubehör für Rückfahrkameras etc. verkauft. Eine super schnelle Suche nach "Rückfahrkamera Bildschirm" ergab dieses 7"-Modell mit Full-HD

Wenn man nicht wie ich sofort das erste Ergebnis anklickt geht da sicher noch mehr

@MacLemon uuh letzterer sieht auf der Herstellerseite ziemlich gut aus. Jetzt will ich den haben.

Input Voltage DC7~24V
Power Consumption ≤8W
Contrast Ratio 1400:1

@MacLemon Ι'm more than interested in such a display too. If you manage to find a source I'd love to get one as well!

@MacLemon Include the keywords hdmi and mipi in your search. this is just the first one that popped up on AliExpress:

@MacLemon I bought a 7" 1024 pixel resolution on Amazon, mainly to do the initial setup on head less Linux boxes and troubleshooting on them.

@utzer That's pretty much my intended use-case, just having a display with me that I can hook up to a server, hence my VGA “requirement”. :-) Thanks for the link.

These panels+HDMI converter logic are available on Alibaba (if you order 1000+), but not on AliExpress and consorts.

So probably there's not enough interest outside of the corporate embedded engineering world.

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