We had a USB Stick in our Lost+Found box after teardown. The volume label is “Chris” without any further information. (No Owner.txt file in the root directory of the volume.)

If you are the person who lost this thumb drive and can give a reasonable indication that you're the legitimate owner, we'll find a way to return it to you!

@MacLemon Hahahaha...just basing it on knowing that there’s no owners.txt file.

Anyway, I hope you get it back to the owner.

@marczak You did pay attention. :-)
Though, nobody claimed that _I_ plugged it in, or that it was _my_ computer it got plugged into.
It also didn‘t look anything like a duckie. :-)

@MacLemon Sure, but someone took the chance. Or someone had a very specialized rig.

I’ve only heard great things about the event, so, I’ll see how I can make it to the nest one.

Actually at least on a linux pc you can confirm that it is only a storage drive before even activating it, so it's not that bad if caution has been taken. Or passing the usb controller to a vm that is disposed afterwards

@tobiaswiese @MacLemon Yeah, definitely possible ways to deal with it safely (or, more safely). I’ll remember the Linux trick from now on! Thanks.

This dude found a memory stick at a hacker convention and plugged it into his computer.


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