Very excited to see official confirmation of the German Armed Forces adopting Matrix for Instant Messaging!


Instant Messaging mit „Matrix“ – die braucht besonders zu #Corona-Zeiten eine Kommunikationsplattform, mit der sie schnell, direkt, einfach und trotzdem sicher kommunizieren kann. 📱 Dabei unterstützt die BWI. #ITfürDE #WirfürdieBundeswehr



@matrix I know it's free software… but promoting the military… seriously not cool… No matter why.
Hurts the trust you've built up over the last years.

@MacLemon it's tricky. very aware this is sensitive, but wouldn't say we're promoting the military; the implication is more that attention from the Bundeswehr for a 30K+ user deployment is going to be useful in auditing & improving Matrix as a whole. perhaps it's naive, but we bracket defence as general public sector usage (e.g. France's military uses Matrix too, as part of their state-wide deployment).

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