I guess you‘re familiar with the situation where you start drafting a wiring diagram and network topology for your couch table.

The only questioning critique I had so far was if I *really* needed an 8-port patch panel. And that happened after I had already decided that Cat.6 would be enough opposed to getting a Cat.6a model.

I also should replace the simple L2 switch I just happen to have with a managed one.

@MacLemon oh man this brings back very specific memories... I do really hope #37C3 happens this year.

@rysiek I'm quite sure IF there's something physically going to happen in Leipzig it's far far smaller than last time. Rather think of DiVOC. @MacLemon

@vautee @MacLemon yeah. I am still clinging to hope though. In June the word was:

"TL;DR: We will probably know in October whether and how the Congress will take place in Leipzig this year."


@MacLemon the couch table needs a patch panel? wow. In similar news, I am questioning if my cat6 house ethernet is really good enough for 10G equipment. This appears to be an unplanned holiday project, but I'd really prefer not to have to run actual fiber between the floors. Would be tricky.

@dch Well… “need” is such a strong word… it would surely make this couch table cleaner with all the networked devices in there.
Technically I could probably get away with two 2-port wall hatches…

I already rearranged a few things so I wouldn‘t need to buy an additional managed switch. Now I can reuse the existing 8-port L2-switch.

I guess that counts as adulting.

@MacLemon this is going to be the best coffee table ever! I hope we see some pics eventually

@dch It‘s just a basic IKEA LACK table, the larger model, so nothing fancy to be expected there.
I just like my home-entertainment stuff properly wired instead of having to deal with flaky WiFi connections.

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