I want to 3d-design an object and use it to try learning . My experience so far:

- Downloading FreeCAD took about 10 attempts, since the download link expired before my download was complete and I had to start over. Resuming a download is impossible.
- Start using the application by following a tutorial and trying to replicate what's shown there. (Almost identical version number.)
- My Laptop screen is physically too small (15.4" 1680x1050pt) to get a good overview.

- Pretty much *any* widget does not behave like they should behave on the OS. That includes resizing windows, palettes, panels, object selection and selection highlight, focus
- Pasting a filename into the file-selection dialogue doesn't work
- crashes while trying to save my very first file
- Upon relaunching FreeCAD I'm presented with a “try to restore the file” dialogue (suggesting this happens often enough to warrant a recovery dialog)
- Recovery didn't work.

UX level FTS11!

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- The included “Help viewer” is just a FreeCAD wiki browser. It lacks a back button. (Why include this at all and not just open the link in a proper browser?)
- Good: It's possible to open the documentation from the Help menu, where a user would naturally look for it.
- To enter a constraint with a referenced variable you need to open three nested dialog boxes. The outermost one cannot be confirmed by pressing return or enter. You must click the button. This should be just *one* prompt.

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- Using variables for constraints using the Spreadsheet: Enter a name into a cell, press tab and crashes.
- Trying to launch FreeCAD by double clicking a document, crashes it before it starts drawing any UI elements. You now have an application that doesn't start anymore via opening a document.
- moving cells in the spreadsheet deletes their aliases (deletes the variable, which breaks your model)

Being a beginner I might do things wrong, but it's the UIs job to tell me what and why.

„Being a beginner I might do things wrong, but it's the UIs job to tell me what and why.“

My Problem exactly with FreeCAD and why I'm staying with OpenSCAD for now, while it's still more than good enough for my needs.

@pludikovsky I like and I use it regularly, but I'm being hindered by it's capabilities by now. (Missing Chamfer, fillets, measuring, wedges. I'm aware that most of these are possible with a bunch of trigonometry, manually compensating for functions that change the size of your objects, and using libraries from all over the place.)

This lack *really* makes me want to use a parametric CAD program.

@MacLemon just wait until you stumble upon the topological naming problem :D

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