Can't remember building a Desktop-PC from scratch before, but have experience working with hardware.

Use-cases for “Das Quad-Boot”:
- Natively boot macOS (Hackintosh), FreeBSD, Linux, Proxmox/ESXi, Win 10
- IDEs, shell/admin
- common office work
- hashing/editing/rendering/transcoding
- Light gaming (>5y old titles)

There's reasoning on my parts choice in the bottom comment.

Did I overlook an ncompatibility?

Your feedback is much appreciated!

After some more research it's totally clear that intel is basically extorting money for features which should be standard across the lineup in 2020.

If you need somewhat usable peripherals beyond a single storage device you must get a more expensive Z-series motherboard, because all the others are even more severely limited. Keep in mind *everything* connected theres shares just 4 PCIe lanes in total.

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If you want or need ECC memory you can get the same processor like an i7-10700, which is called the Xeon® W-1270, which is identical with the only difference being the “you paid ransom to use ECC memory” flag set. Of course you need an even more expensive W480 chipset for that. It's identical to a Z490, but has the same ECC flag activated. That difference alone will set you back > 200€.
And no, you do not get other improvements for that price difference.
It's a basically a scam…

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To put that into perspective. intels Consumer core-i and HEDT (“High end” Desktop) Core X/XE CPUs as well as Xeon®-W processors allow you to use 16 PCIe lanes. You need those 16 to fully utilise a dedicated GPU.

Where does everything else connect? To the chipset which is connected via DCI to the CPU. Basically 4 extra PCIe lanes.

M.2 NVMe PCIe 3.0/4x slots? A *single* SSD maxes out that connection. Got two of those? They share the bandwidth… with Gbit/s ethernet, or 2.5Gbit/s, ALL USB ports…

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and they claim USB 3.2 Gen 2 can do 10Gbit/s transfer speeds. Unless you use your SSD or ethernet, or WiFi, or Bluetooth, or USB or Audio or SATA ports at the same time.
The other “4x” or “1x” PCIe slots on your motherboard… they share those 4 PCIe lanes with everything else as well.

That means it's technically impossible to actually use all of those peripherals to their full performance.

Why is intel still getting away with that? They're a de-facto monopoly… intel needs more competition!

@MacLemon AMD, too has only 16 PCI-E lanes for his consumer products.
Maybe there is no demand, to provide more lanes for IO at the consumer market

@MacLemon yeah it's really bad with what Intel charges you. Iirc for a server board with ecc you could also use a c481 or so chipset? Funny enough with that you can use ecc but when you don't use a Xeon you can only use it with like pentiums and stuff. So no mid range regarding performance just very low or "normal" but extremely expensive. I know why I liked AMD always more.

@MacLemon thanks for this analysis, I think it explains a mystery that I hated at work!

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