Current status:

$¯sudo port install py39-ansible
---> Computing dependencies for py39-ansible
---> Cleaning py39-ansible
---> Scanning binaries for linking errors
---> No broken files found.
---> No broken ports found.

$¯which ansible-playbook
ansible-playbook not found

1$¯which ansible
ansible not found

1$¯which ansible-vault
ansible-vault not found

What was I thinking, installing a package via a package manager would actually result in an installed package?


Mac Ports is showing a bunch of bugs with this package since yesterday. Some already fixed, so update all that stuff.

Now I get ansible 3.0.0, which already makes me nervous. Defaults to using Python 3.9, but then is missing some necessary dependencies for ansible to actually work. Namely py39-netaddr.

Also, who defines 1s default timeouts for requesting a passphrase for anything? That's barely enough for me to paste it, IF I already have it on my clipboard.

SSH connections MUST NOT take >1s.

@MacLemon ansible 3.0.0 ist nur ansible 2.11, aber sie haben jetzt endlich auf semver umgestellt

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