@Bobo_PK They didn‘t, that‘s why the framework kicked in. But yeah, Mumble could definitely need a complete rewrite on macOS.
These cross-platform things always provide the worst common denominator in any regard, especially UI/UX.

@MacLemon @Bobo_PK modern Qt's pretty good I thought, but Mumble needs a ton of manpower. It's like the same 4 guys working on it occasionally over the last 14 years
@MacLemon @Bobo_PK actually, the mumble iOS client could probably just run natively on MacOS now. Only needs tweaks for the desktop UI

@feld @Bobo_PK The iOS client is one of the worst iOS apps I have to use. Sorry to say, but it‘s complete garbage.
My peers only use Mumble because it‘s free (as in gratis) software. Not because it‘s particularly good at something.
But I‘m not in the position to complain, since I‘m just a user who cannot contribute code to improve it.

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