So many people, especially office workers, are not aware that spring onions are a natural source of rubber bands.

Not only do they make your breakfast snacks tastier, they also deliver office supplies at the same time.

@MacLemon I make use of this frequently, and have never run out of rubber bands. Alas, today I would have needed a strip of sellotape, I wish somebody could genetically modify spring onions to grow that, too.

@MacLemon pro tip: Don't put the red curly things on your snacks 😉

@MacLemon I love chives, but I already have a whole container full of rubber bands for which I don't have a use! 😅

@MacLemon indeed that is very useful. However one should not forget to clean the bands before

@MacLemon As son of a farmer i can confirm that spring onions have rubber bands around them. When they grow to full size onions the band transforms in an ugly plastic net which is of no further use.

@Superfreq If you have feedback how I can find a better balance for useful captions without them becoming annoying that would help me out a lot learning to improve them. :-)
Either way, your thanks just made me happy. You‘re very welcome!

@MacLemon Much better than apples. Those just grow with stickers

@nordern @MacLemon i always throw away the apples & keep the stickers

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