You may have heard, or experienced for yourselves that Macs aren't the most easy to repair.

Here's how you replace the battery in a MacBook Pro 15", basically any model with a retina display.

Detailed explanations are in the image descriptions.

Basically you open the MacBook Pro with a Pentalobe. Wearing Eye and respiratory protection, and for good measure, nitrile gloves always look fancy, you apply solvent under the battery cells with a needly and syringe.

Some time ago I did a thread about swapping a glued-in battery in an Apple MacBook Pro 15".

I'll just add a few things and what's different about this retina MacBook Pro (Mid 2014).

Just two screwdrivers needed. A Pentalobe5 1.2mm for the bottom case and a Torx 5, so nothing unexpected for an Apple device repair. Also, a syringe and industrial solvent. (Tuluene, C₇H₈)

@MacLemon Toluene, better make dure you have expel air and fumes. Carcinogenic iirc

@brnrd Fumes are not carciogenic, but I cannot recommend drinking it in liquid for. A well ventilated working area are highly recommended, I totally agree. If you regularly do this, or for extended periods of time, then a corresponding filtering respiratory mask is a must. If a hobby repair person does this every few years, the risk is negligible. For any person doing this regularly, they usually have their protective gear in place for reasons.
Too many people just don't know about basic safety.

@MacLemon I stand corrected!
"Not Classifiable as a Human Carcinogen."
Good to hear you're aware that this is not without danger. In a lab you'd have some air vent suction near where you're using it, or use a fume cupboard


@brnrd Decades of dealing with Apple‘s shenanigans regarding servicability makes one cautious.
From safely discharging CRTs, unshielded internal PSUs to chemical solvents. Apple‘s devices are often up to a challenge. They‘re like Australia, constantly trying to kill you in mysterious ways.

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