mastodon-webview is a wonderful little app that puts the #Mastodon web UI in its own little window/app.

Written in Go using the webview library that makes use of system webview components the result is a small 2.4Mb binary. This in comparison to #electron apps where every app ships an entire copy of Chromium.


@wezm I'm trying to use it right now, hardly usable at all. (At least on macOS that is.) Nothing beats a native client, which is in dire need for Mastodon.
I could name a gazillion things why any web-user-in-the-face is the worst user experience possible. I'm not allowed to code, so I can't write a good client myself sadly.
To conclude with something positive, it's better than being forced to quitting your client with your browser. That's something! (I'm picky with UI/UX things, for reasons.)

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