I’m really happy how this part turned out.
It‘s a hook that mounts to the upright rod on the Xiaomi Mijia M365/Pro where you can hang a small bag while riding.
Opposed to slinging it over the grip ends or your wrist this doesn’t affect steering thus improving ride safety.
The top hook prevents your load from slipping when hitting bumps.

Printed in generic, black ABS, 5 walls, 0.15mm layer height, 30% honeycomb infill for mechanical strength. No supports needed for the screw holes.

When sometimes a print doesn‘t work out as intended or isn‘t the quality you hoped for. All kinds if failures happen.

I like to share as well, so everyone can learn and people don‘t believe they‘re the only ones who have prints failing.

Here‘s an stand printed in generic cheap white PLA which warped.

I would have needed to raise the nozzle and bed temp by 5-10°C for a large object like this at the way too high speed I printed.

Not pretty, but still works OK.

I recently printed a stabilizing bracket for the Xiaomi Mijia M365 mud guard. To mount it you remove the side panels that protect the axle mounting screws and mount the bracket instead. The tail end screws in with the backside of the taillight LED. I needed to replace the LED screws with longer ones.

The bracket also protects the wire to the taillight so it won't be shredded between mudguard and tire.

Object by AntoDelG: thingiverse.com/thing:2875361

Still waiting for a basher body to arrive and the magnetic stealth body mounts for the nice one but I received a set of drift rims and tires.

While they’re not the most elegant rims slotting on the drift tired with a vice worked fine.

The resulting drift wheels have a kinetic friction index slightly below zero. On carpet/turf these have about as much grip as a fully lubed person in a plastic garden swimming pool.

These will be interesting to “drive”. :-)

Demnächst ist ja und ich bin am Überlegen welche ich mitnehmen will.
Tendentiell isses dort ja flach und eher kein Gelände.

Da böte sich natürlich der Dancing Rider an. Wäre auch eine gute Gelegenheit endlich mal den flotteren Motor einzubauen.

Bringen noch mehr Menschen irgendwelche RC Fahrzeuge zur mit?

Current status: Daheim kochen tötet die Restaurantindustrie!

Chilli-Makrele auf Basmati mit frischem Saisongemüse

Nach dem original @sternenkueche Rezept.

A repairful weekend.

Fixed a bedside LED Strip light with two fresh solder joints, a pair of shades with a simple screw and an iPhone 6 by replacing the WiFi/Bluetooth/GPS antenna and flex cable.

Dot gutter is a 5mm pitch. Screws between 3.1 and 1.2mm in length.

Must remove the mainboard to get to the antenna flex cable on its backside.

Re-straightening the display digitizer flex connector fixed display stripes and loss of touch input.

Current status: Flashing 15 year old webcam with 11 year old firmware, which is the last release for that product.

Ich bin dieses Wochenende auf der MakerFaire Vienna und eine der Personen die den Stand vom Chaos Computer Club Wien @c3wien betreuen.

Schau vorbei und wir beantworten gerne alle Fragen zum , zu unseren Bastelprojekten sowie unserer Konferenz zu Datenschutz und Privatsphäre im Oktober un Wien.

Du findest uns im 1. Stock auf Stand 231.

Found the bug in my code and the model was successfully printed and it actually works sufficiently well that I mounted it to do a field test outside tomorrow.
The other mounting bracket is mostly looking convincing on screen as well. Not sure about the small screw holes yet, but there's almost no space where this is going. I'll see if that works.
of that part is currently in progress.

Current status: Debugging code for , because basic math is hard and correctly compensating for minkowski() in two dimensions is annoying.

Regaring a light kit on the TXT-2, I need a mount for the headlight and taillaight LEDs. I'd prefer if it wasn't connected to the body since I have to remove the body to swap batteries.

Came up with a very primitive idea for a prototype. My skills are way below what's needed to actually construct a good solution, but they should be enough for a proof of concept. It's already in the printer.

Had some good fun with the TXT-2 in the afternoon. Got well over an hour of running time from my two 5Ah NiMh batteries.

The silver cans are somewhat underpowered for this vehicle. But I want to get acquainted better before investing in tuned motors.

A few parents with forked processes walked up to me to talk about the car and were astonished it was built from a kit not just bought.

Definitely needs a simple light kit. I didn‘t mask off the head- and taillights for nothing. :-)

@MacLemon went well. Old hotness on the right, new coolness on the left hand side.

Printed in cheap black ABS at 0.2mm layer height.

Waiting for a complete cooldown before fiddling around the nozzle to mount the new shroud.

a replacement part for the printer with that printer us kinda Münchhausen but sometimes that actually works.

New cooling fan shroud in the making.

@MacLemon OH @ :sorciere1024@twitter.com über die Funktion von Steuerstäben im Kernreaktor: Mein Pac-Man frisst halt Neutronen.

Jetzt im EI 9: Kernreaktoren - Fukushima und Tschernobyl

Beginnt mit überschaubarer Komplexität führt aber zu Kettenreaktionen die dann eskalieren.

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