„Hacker erklärt, welcher E-Mail-Anbieter der sicherste ist“ - Anna Biselli hat mich zum Thema Email Sicherheit interviewed. - That escalated quickly…


Mit diesen Einstellungen kannst Du den Artikel auch ohne getrackt und geblockt zu werden vollständig lesen. ;-)

Took my DancingRider for a spin. To-scale potholes in the road/sidewalks and grit cause some wobble at higher speeds but it's almost impossible to topple this vehicle over, even during heavy weight shifting while cornering. On slippery moist ground it rather drifts and slides than flipping over.
It is incredibly fun to drive and draws some attention as well. A full light kit further increases cuteness. A 1.700mAh LiPo gives you an hour of ridetime with the stock 370 motor.

Small done by useful items.

Mounted a hankypack-dispenser next to my entry.
So when you‘re rushing out, you can grab a pack instantly without having to head back to the closet, or searching your backpack.

Comfortably keeps a stock of 5 packs, a sixth one is still safe but sticks out about ⅓ on top.

Probably not the *ideal* solution, if one even exists, but a welcome improvement!

I recently was searching for something on and made a typo. The search results still did not disappoint.

Looking for this lighting controller. It takes three input channels from the receiver, has 19 JST output connectors to connect LEDs to. PCB looks like this and is usually in a black plastic case.

I only found shops that sell it with a specific LED set for one particular car, like so. aliexpress.com/item/INJORA-TRX

I want just the controller alone or with a generic LED harness.

Something you'll not see every day: An expired certificate for an .onion service.
I already notified DuckDuckGo, so they can fix it.

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When your job finishes successfully and this is the remaining filament which has already jumped off of the spool. :-)

Looks like the website for the (the successor to and ) is not online. (Not online as in tcp connection refused.)

Begin with final implementation of $project which involves an, at that pint in time, unknown amount of LED-strip clips.

I was happy to find out that these clips work very well. I also noticed that I‘ll run out of clips at about ⅔ of mounting the strip.

So I started another 20 clips and improved a sensor detail in the meantime.

In total I used up 32 clips, with a few to spare. Also almost finished the spool of leftover PLA.

I declare project kitchenlight officially finished.

Been fiddling around with an UNO and digital IR reflection modules. (FC-51) Turns out they still give a reliable HIGH signal upon reflection even with a 30m long signal wire. (At 5V, haven‘t tried at 3.3V.)

They also work when putting multiple sensors in parallel. Doing so is probably highly illegal and stupid from an electrical engineering point of view. May release the magic smoke at some point, didn‘t so far though. Should I take safety measures for the components?

Current status: Testing OPNSense 18.7 on a roughly 7-10 year old ALIX 2D13 board. (AMG Geode LX800 CPU, single Core, 500MHz, 256MB of RAM.)
Let's see how this goes. This box is below minimum spec, but OPNSense seems to boot. The hardware itself it indestructible. I've never seen a PC-Engines Box fail on me.

I'd say that all should come with at least basic head- and taillights, including light-buckets. This should be mandatory for all kit manufacturerers.

Model cars with lights look just SO much nicer.

Reason enough for me to try abandoning email as much as possible as soon as possible. I hate Email from the bottom of my heart and each and every day I don't have to deal with this shit is a better day.

To give you a better impression how small this Arduino MEGA 2560 Pro is, here‘s a photo side by side with a normal MEGA.

I received my ordered Arduinos I wanted to have for exactly the day I returned. :-) Still a welcome surprise.

I‘ve been using an Arduino Mega 2560 for The game you‘ve hopefully played at .

I‘ll be replacing it with this Arduino Mega Pro Clone which has the same CPU, all the pins, but a much smaller footprint in comparison. Since I don‘t need shield compatibility it should help to make the project physically smaller.

Still need a mountable, sturdy enclosure.

Emails are like postcards unless you encrypt them.

I was one of the recipients of one of these, presumably encrypted to me, postcards.

Sadly I wasn't yet able to decode, let alone decrypt the message. (Invalid armor header, CRC errors)

If you'd like to help anonymously to make GPG at least accept the input message, here's a CryptPad: (No logging, no login required, tor friendly)

racing at was a wonderful success. So many people who brought their vehicles to talk RC, and most importantly drive around, have fun and answer all the questions by bystanders.

My vintage 1991 Kyōsho Honda CRX had a little accident. No persons hurt! I just get to create a new chassis for it and learn to use a CNC mill in the process. I did the old one with a handsaw back in the 90s. :-)

Should we do that again at , and ? Maybe even with a separate racetrack?

The Wobbler has been deployed at the Aaaaaaaaaaaa assembly at the C3W tent Café in Halle 3.

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