Another RC-vehicle I‘ll be bringing is a new addition to my hobby garage. The Dancing Rider, a mostly japanese delivery trike. (Based on the T3-01 trike chassis.)

It‘s not the easiest to drive when slow, but becomes more simple to drive at higher speeds.

Either way it looks unbelievably cute, especially with the lights on.

Needs a little tweaking of the steering mechanism, but I hope to get that done in time.

Another RC-Memory I'll be bringing is this Kyosho Honda CRX front wheel drive. Tunes with a Kyosho LeMans 240 on-road racing motor which overpowers the vehicle significantly and it understeers like hell. At top speed your turning radius is pretty much infinity.
It's an original vehicle from 1991.

Had a blast at todays BSDStammtisch with talks about CPU vulnerabilities and BGP as well as the FreeBSD 12-RELEASE.

Our location today certainly of the fancy kind.

RC-Car preparations. Mask ALL the windows!

I'll be bringing a few (older) RC-Cars to to drive for fun and maybe even race a little. I already know that I'm not the only one bringing them. If you're interested in RC-Cars of any kind, please consider taking them with you.

Seeing this LunchBox from 1987 will certainly refresh some memories. Yes, it still works fine and recently got a double-wishbone front suspension improvement. And yes, the lightbulbs are genuine and they are bulbs, not LEDs.

Mit Bahnsteigtüren wär' das nicht passiert. der der WienerLinien.
Und nicht vergessen, immer *zuerst* die Menschen aussteigen lassen.

TFW you need monitoring for your minitoring because it‘s down or showing false positives.

The “Internet of Dildos, a long way into a vibrant future” talk by Werner Schober, as already seen @PrivacyWeek was again well received at DeepSec.
Lots of interesting, mostly security focused questions in the room.

The history of Teledildonics goes back to the 1970s and we still face 1980s security problems.

Also mentioned the OpenSource sex-toy firmware project by @qdot.

Now if we could only get rid of childish comments by men in the audience…

Since that application is hosted on a single hostname and doesn't request a single byte from anywhere else some graphs are less helpful than I had hoped. :-)

Inline picture description (since Whalebird doesn't support image descriptions): A huge light blue disk with a dark blue and a light grey loop at the top showing a request graph of the site to itself only. A text label informs us that there are “21 requests to itself which could not be tracked”.

Closing down a chapter of my past. If you‘re interested in one of these books, free for pickup or if you pay shipping. I can also hand them over at . If you haven‘t claimed one by 2018-12-01 they go to the open Bookshelf or recycling.

Text list of the books seen in the picture follows.

Printing with glow-in-the-dark filament has its perks. :-)

Current status: Welcome to !

Inline image description (since Whalebird sadly still doesn't support them): Screnshot of the Byro login mask. Logo on the top left, navigational sidebar to the right hand side with a single item named Log in. The right hand asks for a username and passphrase.

#PrivacyWeek Arachnoiden/Spinnentiere Show more

„Accidental banana for scale“ im Vortrag der Foundation for applied privacy bei der . :-)
Großartiger Effort aus Österreich für mehr Privatsphäre im Internet.

Du weißt, daß ist, wenn Du morgens noch schnell ein Stück fehlendes Equipment ausdruckst.

Current status: Testing ALL the filesystems for our CopyCat box.

OH: So, und dieser Teig kommt jetzt für eine Stunde ins Serverkammerl, weil da isses warm drin.

Looks like Email will occupy me a little longer today…

Inline Picture description, since Whalebird doesn't support this yet. The screenshot of the activity viewer shows two items: Downloading Messages 537.637 new messages with an indeterminate progress bar - and: Downloading Messages 15.270 of 59.841 with a 25% filled determinate progress bar.

Some prints can hardly succeed any weirder. At some point a piece of supports hat is enclosed by three (of four) orthogonal walls had come loose and got shifted aside. By chance the support structure recovered in time to carry the horizontal surface it was meant for.

Für die einen ist es ein Raspberry Pi, für die andern, der kleines Info-Beamer der Welt.
Vorbereitungen für die im Oktober.

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