Result of a successful restoration. Fully working 1990 Tamiya Manta Ray on the DF-01 chassis. The body was hand painted in original box art silver back then.

I hope I get a chance to drive it outdoors soon. Ideally on an offroad or BMX track in my city.

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More progress on the Manta Ray restoration. I‘ve completely dismantled the front and cleaned all the parts. Gears looked fine but were regreased anyway. Again, replaced all the plastic and brass bushings with proper ball bearings.

I was able to work around the broken chassis standoffs with longer screws and ca-glue. Perfectly fine again. Drive train has a new propeller shaft since the old one was bent from the crash.

Everything went back together flawlessly.

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Working on the restoration of a [Manta Ray (1990)][0] that I got from dear friends.

At first glance it seemed to be in good shape with only the rear diff almost blocking. Upon taking it apart it became obvious that this vehicle hasn‘t been driven a lot. A few battery packs at most I‘d guess. I guess it got stashed away after a rather high jump and a hard crash which resulted in a partly broken chassis.

Yes, I can repair it.


Of corse need wheels. So we‘ll build multipart rims and mount tires on them.

The rims are two pieces each, not a beadlock construction though. They‘re more of a white tube with a decorative hub cap design where the orange hub cap also is the axle fitting.
Five screws each.

Then you just squeeze the rubbers on. The ballony rimmed front ones are omnidirectional. So nothing special here.

The rear wheels have a directional tread pattern to make a matching pair for left and right wheels.

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Taking some time off for my hobby by building a Comical Hornet on the -02CB chassis.

Still pondering about the paint job, since I‘m pretty certain not to go with box-art.

First step is to take apart the preassembled gearbox to replace the plastic bushings with proper ballbearings. Whoever thought a prebuilt gearbox was a good idea, it is not! This is a kit after all, even a beginner friendly one.

Let the screwing around commence!

Working on a prototype for a stand for a TXT-2 Agrios, one of my .
The intention is to place it beneath the axles to the tires float in the air to prevent flats while the vehicle is in storage.

I'm a test object now to see if all my calculations and tolerances are correct.

Started the restoration of my original from 1986. The very first one of the I still enjoy today as a hobby.

This one's in somewhat neglected condition, but nothing a good take apart, clean and grease cannot remedy. I'll see which plastic parts are worn or cracked and need replacement. No big deal, I can easily get get spares for this 34 year old RC car since it got re-released in 2017.
Pondering a new ESC for it, since mechanical speedos aren't hip anymore. :-)

I‘ve enjoyed building and driving for many many years by now. It *still* requires a lot of my attention and care working with a body reamer. It‘s used to make holes into the (mostly) polycarbonate bodies used these days. Either for the mounting stand offs or to drill for some screws.

This cheap one is stepless up to 14mm in diameter. One rarely needs holes beyond 8mm ∅ though.

The round handle is a safety hazard if you don‘t pay serious attention where you lay it down.
It rolls…

Finally took the time to finishing this chassis. I never built a Drifter before. The whole construction seems to be an engineering mistake on purpose, because it is! Drifters are supposed to provide as little grip as possible so they, extraordinarily drift at the slowest speeds imaginable.

So for everything you‘d normally implement to improve grip, handling, and performance, Drifters do the opposite.

If only I had more opportunities for driving .

Next: Mounting a body!

de: Nachdem letztes Jahr erstaunlich viele Leute mit ferngesteuerten Fahrzeugen am CCCongress waren:

Es wird am eine RC-Rennstrecke (onroad) geben.

Also bringt Eure elektrischen Fahrzeuge mit!

Nicht vergessen ein paar LEDs zur Beleuchtung anzubringen.

en: Since there were surprisingly many people with RC cars at CCCongress:

We'll have an onroad RC racetrack at !
Bing your electric vehicles.
Don't forget to put LED lights on!


It's not that easy to find a veritable solution for a car horn/klaxon/fanfare When you don't have 12V (unless you use a step-up/boost converter) and your available physical space is limited to 55 × 90 × 25 mm (W × L × H).
I need that to emit below 400Hz, a truck tritone fanfare is also fine. I just need a speaker for it.

I‘m doing quite a bit with remote controlled vehicles as you can probably tell from my timeline.

Since I‘ll be giving a talk on how remote controlled vehicles work…

Given *any* kind of vehicle imaginable (*not limited to*)

- truck
- quadcopter
- boat
- plane
- forklift
- robot
- motorcycle
- helicopter

What would be the 3 top questions that you‘d like to have answers to in such a talk about remote control tech?

There are no wrong questions!
Thanks for helping me out!

If you‘re coming to bring your (offroad) ! There will be plenty of opportunity to bash and race.

Maybe we can even get a race course going together?

If you haven‘t yet put LED lighting on your vehicle, now is the time to do so. It makes racing at night not only a lot safer but also more fun.

I‘ll be bringing my Tamiya TXT-2 monster truck (with head- and taillights) and at least one buggy I haven’t yet decided upon.

Sometimes one wants their to look nice and detailing them can go to absurd lengths. :-)

It‘s basically auto-tuner madness, just at a different scale. Like these riveted, anodized, multi-step machined M4 pieces.

Their price is also pretty nuts.

Die große Gepäckfrage. Was nehm ich denn alles mit so an Projektzeugs?

Ein paar kommen auf jeden Fall mit. (Dancing Rider (T3-01) ist fix. Rest ist noch nicht entschieden. Geländegängiges braucht eins da ja eher weniger, oder?

Sollte auch mit? (Eindimensionales Dungeon Crawler Video-Game. Habt ihr vielleicht schon am , auf der 2k18, oder auf der gesehen.)

Sonstige Ideen?

Still waiting for a basher body to arrive and the magnetic stealth body mounts for the nice one but I received a set of drift rims and tires.

While they’re not the most elegant rims slotting on the drift tired with a vice worked fine.

The resulting drift wheels have a kinetic friction index slightly below zero. On carpet/turf these have about as much grip as a fully lubed person in a plastic garden swimming pool.

These will be interesting to “drive”. :-)

Demnächst ist ja und ich bin am Überlegen welche ich mitnehmen will.
Tendentiell isses dort ja flach und eher kein Gelände.

Da böte sich natürlich der Dancing Rider an. Wäre auch eine gute Gelegenheit endlich mal den flotteren Motor einzubauen.

Bringen noch mehr Menschen irgendwelche RC Fahrzeuge zur mit?

Regaring a light kit on the TXT-2, I need a mount for the headlight and taillaight LEDs. I'd prefer if it wasn't connected to the body since I have to remove the body to swap batteries.

Came up with a very primitive idea for a prototype. My skills are way below what's needed to actually construct a good solution, but they should be enough for a proof of concept. It's already in the printer.

Had some good fun with the TXT-2 in the afternoon. Got well over an hour of running time from my two 5Ah NiMh batteries.

The silver cans are somewhat underpowered for this vehicle. But I want to get acquainted better before investing in tuned motors.

A few parents with forked processes walked up to me to talk about the car and were astonished it was built from a kit not just bought.

Definitely needs a simple light kit. I didn‘t mask off the head- and taillights for nothing. :-)

Is there any magnetic stealth body mount you could recommen for ? I'm looking for something to mount a body to my Tamiya TT-02 chassis. Just one of the usual onroad/GT style bodies. I'd prefer the mount to be either dark orange anodised aluminium or black anodised alu.
Any hints, recommendations, especially with links to products are welcome!

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