Another RC-vehicle I‘ll be bringing is a new addition to my hobby garage. The Dancing Rider, a mostly japanese delivery trike. (Based on the T3-01 trike chassis.)

It‘s not the easiest to drive when slow, but becomes more simple to drive at higher speeds.

Either way it looks unbelievably cute, especially with the lights on.

Needs a little tweaking of the steering mechanism, but I hope to get that done in time.

@gimbar Here's the black/white version. Will certainly need some adaption for use as a stencil. (Wasn't designed to be one.)
If you mention somewhere, that would be much appreciated.


@gimbar urgs typos, must be of course. And yes I can provide vector graphics of that logo. :-)

@gimbar What about the logo?
It‘s pretty much the “knights of the round table” of BSDs. :-)
And yes, a bunch if us will be at at the Aaaaaaaaaaaa assembly in Halle 3. (Including myself.)

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The @acmelabs are going to set up the on .
We need some Logos which can be used as a stencil! We are going to spray the logos on these lamps:
Boosts are welcome :yayblob:

When working with the occasional other Fediverse/Mastodon instance one gleefully notices the great performance, speed and responsiveness of compared to other instances.

Performance is a feature, duly noticed and much appreciated. Thanks a bunch @leah and @rixx for such a speedy and well managed instance!

@vautee @luto Sind schon zwei Leute da. Aber grundsätzlich stressfrei. :-)

@robelix Ich habe leider viel zu wenig Ahnung von diesen Dingen, oder EE, oder I²C, oder sonstwas. Damit hab's aber sogar ich geschafft, dieses Display anzusteuern und meine Sachen, inkl. Custom-Font, darzustellen. \o/ @uint8_t @dorifer

Managed to reduce the time of an object from 9:28 down to 5:33. I feel like a wizard. :-)

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Anyone know if #Nextcloud 's S3 connector now supports encryption, or if there's a huge performance hit to using s3fs to make S3 storage look like a disk?

@uint8_t @dorifer @robelix Ich hab so ein 4-zeiliges LCD (à 20 Character) mit einer „Grafikkkarte“ hinten drauf, das kommt auch mit 2 Pins+Power aus.

@rixx Dann mit dem Zusehen aufhören, bringt ja nix. Stattdessen die eigene Backup Strategie nochmal checken und verbessern.
Oder diesen einen Ordner mit „Zeug“ drinnen aufräumen…
Oder Kekse essen, aber nicht im Bett.

Yesterday @cryptpad 2.14.0 was released. Our @c3wien instance has already been updated last night and is running fine.

See the release notes if you're curious:

Enjoy using our non-logging instance!

@rixx Das ist der kognitive SitCom-Serien-Binge-Watching-Modus, oder?

@dorifer So viel Aufwand um diese 2 Zeilen anzusteuern. *weia*

Another RC-Memory I'll be bringing is this Kyosho Honda CRX front wheel drive. Tunes with a Kyosho LeMans 240 on-road racing motor which overpowers the vehicle significantly and it understeers like hell. At top speed your turning radius is pretty much infinity.
It's an original vehicle from 1991.

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