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Wanted to advance my `ansible` setup and add another host. Now I'm kinda lost debugging this SSH issue which *only* happens when `ansible` connects. Basically it drops the MasterConnection after a few seconds for no apparent reason.

Connecting over `ssh` to that host, with these exact settings from my ~/.ssh/config works perfectly fine.

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Krásně zní-krásne znie
Táto melódia ozaj zázračne

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Die Scheiße von 2020 wird nicht magisch verschwinden. Bitte keine überzogenen Erwartungen. 2021 wird, was wir draus machen. Bleibt solidarisch mit den Schwachen und den Held*innen im Hintergrund. Bleibt kämpferisch gegenüber Egoismus und Machtmissbrauch. Beißt euch durch. ✊

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To end 2020 positively:

Remember 2017-07-25?
That's the day when Adobe officially announced the deprecation of Flash.

Today is the day, that Flash is officially End-of-Life.

May the ghosts of Macromedia rest in pieces.

Whoever built this Potemkin-Karaoke-Both in world…
Thanks, you made my day!

I'm really missing hosting

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Morgen 16:30 gibt es in der Aaaaaaaaaaaa Assemblie ein Vernetzungstreffen für österreichische Hackspaces und Chaos nahe Organisationen:

Und wer vor den vielen Aaaaaaaaaaaa's Angst hat kann sich den Dome sweet Dome schon jetzt ansehen.

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Technologie und Wissen schaffen Verantwortung.

Lasst uns den nutzen, um über diese Verantwortung zu sprechen und der nach fast 40 Jahren ein Update zu verpassen!

More shots of the heatpipes, and cleaned up PCB and components. Further details of the parts are in the image descriptions.

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Finally I was able to take the time and do some *really* necessary maintenance to my MacBook Pro.
Thoroughly cleaned inside and replaced all the almost a decade old thermal compound.
No luck with the spare fan I had in mind, as that one had already been replaced. Need to order a new one.
Otherwise surgery concluded successfully.

So I have this USB Footswitch, called “FS1-P” made from finest Chinesium. It's mechanically sturdy, and the switch is clicky.

HID is recognised as:
Product ID: 0x2019
Vendor ID: 0x5131
Version: 0.00
Serial Number: SW
Manufacturer: GZIOT

Looks like many others, but seems to use a different chip: CHG551

The configuration software is Windows only, and more importantly: Chinese only, which my computer cannot even display. It's needed to configure the switch.

Any hints how to configure this?

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sec4dev, a security conference & bootcamp for developers is going all virtual for the next event:

I miss in-person events, but it's great to be able to attend events like this from far away.

Unsolicited Webserver performance suggestions 

@dvl I noticed your grief about performance. I found a few things that could be improved easily

I'm assuming that you serve your static assets, like .css, .js, images from nginx directly.

- Turn on HTTP/2 in nginx: In your HTTPS vHost listen directive, simply add `http2` between `ssl` and the closing `;`.
- Turn on gzip compression
- Optimize image
- minify .js, .css, .json

Here's a pad with more details!

Dear Mac mini Server!

You delivered emails, Jabber, websites, static and dynamic alike, cared for databases, calendars and contacts, kept a user directory, authenticated them on the WiFi in your RADIUS, served files and updates, resolved hostnames, collected backups, compiled source code, maintained packages and many more things.

Today, I release you from your server duties, you've been conducting 24/7 since early 2009.
Henceforth you'll watch over my dashboards.

Thank you!

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We are giving away our Blinkenrocket Kits (Both BIG and MINI) for 15,- instead of 26,- including a lanyard.

If you order NOW, you can still get them before christmas!

Ho Ho Ho.


A: Was ist eigentlich der Fachterminus für Gummiwuppel?
B: Nubsi

corresponds to which actual hardware.

Turns out, mapping the SATA controller of which your hypervisor is booted from, into a VM has catastrophic consequences for the Hypervisor. Not unexpected, just inconvenient if trial and error is the only way I know of to enumerate which PCI device does what. :-)

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