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Der Wolpertinger von der steht jetzt endlich auf einem artgerechten Sockel. 😍

Mac Ports is showing a bunch of bugs with this package since yesterday. Some already fixed, so update all that stuff.

Now I get ansible 3.0.0, which already makes me nervous. Defaults to using Python 3.9, but then is missing some necessary dependencies for ansible to actually work. Namely py39-netaddr.

Also, who defines 1s default timeouts for requesting a passphrase for anything? That's barely enough for me to paste it, IF I already have it on my clipboard.

SSH connections MUST NOT take >1s.

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Current status:

$¯sudo port install py39-ansible
---> Computing dependencies for py39-ansible
---> Cleaning py39-ansible
---> Scanning binaries for linking errors
---> No broken files found.
---> No broken ports found.

$¯which ansible-playbook
ansible-playbook not found

1$¯which ansible
ansible not found

1$¯which ansible-vault
ansible-vault not found

What was I thinking, installing a package via a package manager would actually result in an installed package?

Es wäre für den Fortschritt sehr förderlich, wäre dieses Yak endlich mal mit dem Rasieren fertig.

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Why FreeBSD is an excellent platform to start exploit authoring:

"All system hardening options are disabled by default. [..] The 1999 era of security."

Except from the great talk "Writing FreeBSD Malware" by @lattera:

(for *BSD usage in production, either use OpenBSD or use HardenedBSD)

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Zum ersten Mal kann man sich bei uns auf etwas anderes bewerben als Entwicklung oder Vertrieb: Wir suchen zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt eine Systemadministrator:in. Darauf habt ihr alle nur gewartet? Hier lang: :)

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We are at #FOSDEM2021 !
David Benqué @air_pump will be talking about his first year as a designer on the team at 1.30PM CET today

Watch on the Open Source Design devroom live feed:
- With Q&A chat:
- Video only:

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Mein Talk vom über Gefahren für und Probleme des ist nun endlich in ganzer Länge online!

Einen Talk macht man ja auch immer um aus der eigenen Bubble raus zu kommen und er war auch viel Aufwand. Heute wird wohl kaum mehr neue
rc3 Talks schauen. Also wenn ihr Leute kennt die sich für das Thema , Inhaltsmoderation oder sich mit dem Digital Services/Markets Act beschäftigen. Teilt es doch bitte mit ihnen. 💖 :boost_ok:

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#OPNsense peeps: what steps do you take to limit/mitigate bufferbloat?


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Seit dem 1. Januar 2021 gibt es in Frankreich einen Reparatur-Index. Ein Label zeigt Käufer*innen von Smartphones, Fernsehern, Laptops, Waschmaschinen und Rasenmähern in Form eines Punktestands zwischen 0 und 10 an, wie gut die Geräte reparierbar sind:

Wann ist es bei uns endlich soweit?

This concludes replacing a glued in battery pack in your MacBook Pro which takes about an hour. To calibrate your system to the new chemistry charge up to 100%, let it run down until it goes to sleep on its own and recharge back up. This ensures a proper time left estimation.

While you're waiting for that, properly dispose of all the chemicals, and the old battery pack. They MUST NOT go into your trash!

Clean up your working area and tools and you're done.

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Once you have removed all the goo and glue and cleaned up the battery compartment you can prepare the replacement battery pack for insertion into the chassis.

The new battery pack comes with plastic foil attached to both sides, top and bottom. This is needed so you can handle it without breaking the cell connections. Once you peel the foil away, it becomes flexible and flimsy which isn't really helping with aligning the connector and screw holes.

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Once you managed to get enough solvent under all the cells to pry them up and out of the chassis, you can start working your way from the chassis center towards the front edge. The whole pack is somewhat clamped in under some screw mounting domes which hold the bottom case in place.

Once you have the pack out, you need to mechanically stabilise it, its six cells are only connected by the wires. Only center cells have a plastic frame keeping them together.

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Applying the toluene in between and subsequently under the battery packs takes some time. You basically apply the solvent to one side of each cell, while keeping the computer tilted so it will flow under the cells and reach the glue strips which hold the batteries in place. About 0.5mℓ per cell is enough.

Once done from one side, you spin the MacBook Pro around, rinse and repeat from the other side. This process takes some time, because the glue needs some soaking to losen.

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You may have heard, or experienced for yourselves that Macs aren't the most easy to repair.

Here's how you replace the battery in a MacBook Pro 15", basically any model with a retina display.

Detailed explanations are in the image descriptions.

Basically you open the MacBook Pro with a Pentalobe. Wearing Eye and respiratory protection, and for good measure, nitrile gloves always look fancy, you apply solvent under the battery cells with a needly and syringe.

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